February 19, 2021

Multiple Thing Friday

1. I am rotating my winter clothes now. This was a decision I made this week when I realized I couldn't stand the thought of any of them, yet refuse to spend a penny or ounce of energy on winter clothes in mid-late February. I figure I have 5 more weeks of cold weather? Maybe more? I don't know. I've never lived in the KC area. When does spring arrive??? 

Knox Rose sweater from Target, last winter
Combat-ish boots, kind of higher end back in 2016 but it was always too warm in CO to wear them because they're flannel-lined. I didn't start until we moved to WY. 

2. Comment moderation can go away. I moderate comments just because spam is an issue with this platform, but I went into "comments" on Blogger the other day and bam! Tons of comments that never came through to my email. It's not supposed to work that way.  I promise that if I never respond to multiple comments from you (sometimes we all miss one or two on a busy day), it's because I never received them due to this moderation snafu. I would say that I can check this more regularly, but every time I check there's nothing there until one day there will be 8-10 and then I feel awful. 

3. Matt Walsh (MATT WALSH) has the best take I've seen on the Bachelor controversy. 

If you want to hear some hot takes (i.e. normal person thoughts), go to these podcasts:

Start around the 34 minute mark. (Allie also absolutely spoils the show LOL)

4. I always sleep terribly on Sunday nights. On Wednesday, after a 6-day weekend, I slept really, really badly. Like stupendously so. Wells also woke up 3-4 times and was still up before 5:30am. It's like he knew I had to go to work in the morning. 


It was more than 10 degrees (eh possibly) on Wednesday so the dogs helped me shovel the driveway during naptime. 

6. We had another go at medical records. 


I went into Scott's office once when he was an XO working 18 hour days. 
I watched him stir coffee with a pen and I still think about it.


  1. I have had issues with my comments not coming to my email for about a year now. I really need to figure out how to fix it...but I use wordpress. My blogger comments are always messed up too and I have fixed it a million times and still show as a no reply.

  2. Hahaha that picture of Wells is exactly how I feel.

  3. I rotate my clothes too that way I can rid of what I don't wear. It's getting there!

  4. Spring in KC has arrived as early as mid March and as late as mid May. There are no rules here ;)

  5. Good idea with Clothes! I can relate. I never get an email back that you responded Nd just have to check back here. Maybe that is my settings? March can still very much be winter! We have had some big snows in March. I can also relate to the Sunday night thing. But I have not experienced it since going virtual. What does that tell you about how hard this job is - in person. I M going to be in for. Rude awakening.


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