February 22, 2021

I am not a plant person.

 I can't keep plants alive. 

I am the uninterested friend in this scenario. 

I'm not a gardener. 

I'm terrible at it actually. 

But everyone is super duper into their houseplants right now so...I feel out of place.

Since January 2019, I've had two orchids. I moved them across the country last summer, even. This past fall, they went dormant (like they normally do every few months) and they've not come back. The stems turned brown and shriveled. I water them once a week, without fail, just like I did when they were healthy and when they were blooming. They get indirect sunlight just fine. One still has very green and healthy leaves. The other has...no leaves. Those fell off awhile ago. I keep hoping they'll come back but it's not really a winning situation for me. 

And before you think I'm insane, this happened over a period of months and I just kept hoping they'd get better. I don't think they're getting better. 

Plant advice? 

I'm not a plant collector. I have a loose (loose) plan to get another orchid or a few plants when we settle into a new place this summer. I can take care of flowers for a few days here or there but not in the long-term, so plants have never been a draw for me. 


  1. I would cut the stems back. On the one with leaves, cut it off all the way down at the leaf line. On the other, all the way to the dirt. Generally speaking, dead leaves and stems can affect the overall health of the plant because they’ll put energy into something that isn’t coming back, instead of focusing on roots and growing a new stem.

    Orchids can also be dormant for something like 6-9 months so I wouldn’t give up just yet!

  2. I am terrible with plants. Absolutely the worst. The only plant I have kept alive longer for a month or two, is my aloe plant I got at Aldi last September. It is still green, though, if I am being honest...one branch of it is looking quite rough. But the rest seem to be doing ok lol.

  3. I've had an orchid for at least 4 years. It's been coming and going so we shall see haha. I got gifted a kokedama that you submerge the base in water once a week. So far it's good haha

  4. I'm a plant geek. Love them and can't have enough. However, orchids and I don't get along. Some super low-key plants I suggest sansevieria (snake plant). They need water maybe once a month, can tolerate low-light. They're just hearty. Also, any variety of Pothos. Super resilient and hearty. They'll withstand forgotten waterings. You'll know you went too long if it gets droopy. Just give it a healthy water and it will be fine in a day or 2. Also, spider plants. All of the above also applies to them.


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