February 9, 2021

January 2021 Books


You'll want to read a synopsis of The Great Divorce before diving in, in order for it to make sense. Definitely worth your time if you've read or want to read The Screwtape Letters. Lots of similar themes. 

Man, this was a great book to start the year off with...

If you are looking to understand politics or how the news works, this is the guide to read first. 


TL;DR version: The Wife Upstairs was great. Don't Burn This Book is a must for navigating the media in 2021. 


I don't know that I'm trying to take the easy way out with these book reviews, but I say pretty much what I want to communicate under my 2021 Books highlight on Instagram. You can find my reads there in real time. 


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  1. I read The Wife Upstairs for book club and I enjoyed it. I was one of only two people who did, everyone seemed to hate it?! I saw what they were saying...but still. I remember reading Evelyn, After a few years ago...but I don't remember much about it. I usually either love Kinsella or it is a huge miss haha. I haven't read this one, so I am adding it to my list.

  2. I like how you're sharing your reviews! I need to look into Don't Burn This Book.


  3. Have heard a lot about The Wife Upstairs and its parallels to Jane Eyre but nothing about Rebecca! Although I guess there are similarities between those two as well ;) Will definitely be checking it out at some point !

  4. hmmmm i'm unsure about that sophie kinsella book. gotta wait till i'm in the mood i think.

  5. I'm waiting on The Wrong Family from the library. I'm glad it's passable.

    I like Victoria Helen Stone's books.

    The Wife Upstairs is a modern take on Jane Eyre, but on Rebecca it took me at least five times to get fully through it. I really liked it when I did.

  6. I appreciate the short reviews since I never look at highlights or stories on IG. I still need to read Jane Doe but I'm excited to see a follow-up. I've had Rebecca on my TBR for quite some time but never reached for it because it's 450 pages and originally written in 1938; I think I'd like The Wife Upstairs much more!

  7. I read a few pages of Love Your Life and was intrigued, but ended up starting something else instead. I do love Becky Bloomwood, but I don't like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days so that makes me a little nervous, lol.

  8. I've never read Rebecca so I feel like some of The Wife Upstairs will be over my head (unintended pun)

  9. I LOVED Rebecca! I need to read The Wife Upstairs and see how it compares.

  10. I still have Jane Doe in my TBR pile. I'll have to finish that up so I can get to the next one! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your month :)

  11. I enjoy reading your book reviews and recommendations. That last one sounds real interesting.


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