February 12, 2021

10 on Friday 2/12

...because I skipped two days this week. I feel like it's been an off week in these parts. I could whine about the weather. I could whine about just being tired or feeling unsettled. I could whine about a lot of things. I suppose we're in the throes of winter and I have nothing interesting to say?

 1. We've been watching Chuck on Amazon. Scott watched it all years ago, and I never really did but I'm sure I caught an episode here or there. It's so haplessly amusing. I have always thought "Nerd Herd" is the most hilarious use of rhyming to ever be on TV. (My biggest issue with Chuck is that I hate the theme song.)

2. I have been corrected/redirected: So, The Wife Upstairs IS a modern take on Jane Eyre BUT, having never read Jane Eyre and having muddled my way through Rebecca (and wanting to give it another go), it also bears striking similarities to that book. It does have a (Southern) Gothic vibe as well so, if you like Jane Eyre, Rebecca, OR anything by Joshilyn Jackson, I recommend The Wife Upstairs. 

3. The Bachelor. I couldn't even muddle through this week's episode. We watched probably watched half of it on Monday night. The Heather stuff was awkward. The Tyler nonsense was dumb (I am not a Tyler fan and I don't get the appeal). Scott asked if I thought Matt was even good-looking, with the way they all fawn over him. My answer would be that I really like his personality and I think he seems like a lot of fun. Scott really liked Ryan and was disappointed when she went home. I had no strong feelings about her. 

I just know we don't need more Heather and Tyler. Blah. There's also a major spoiler out there about the new Bachelorette and she, herself, is saying it's false. It'll be a fun surprise, no doubt. And, finally, the SJW mob has finally gotten Chris Harrison to apologize for something! About time, right? 

4.  Big thank you to my mom for sending Wells his summer wardrobe. She likes to buy baby/toddler clothes. I get too overwhelmed with it. This is just how it goes now, I guess. 

5. I need pants recommendations. What are you doing for pants these days if you are physically leaving the house to go to work? 

6. I saw this and laughed til I cried because it's true and it's sad. I have a lot of opinions and don't share most of them here (or anywhere lately) but I think we need to think long and hard about what it means that we can refuse to leave our houses because it's "not safe" and then expect UPS to bring us our every whim. Or we expect grocery store employees to do the work for us. Or delivery drivers and restaurant workers to show up without fail and prep our to-go orders but we don't dare deign them with our presence for fear of feeling "not safe". 

This is probably not specific to times of covid but..c'mon, it is.

I saw a post on FB in the mom/baby group I used to attend...someone asked when they would start getting together again and someone commented "not until it's safe". 

I'm going to start needing people to define "safe" and then provide an explanation of "when will it be safe?". Because I don't think it can be done.

7. I wore high-waisted jeans, circling back to the pants question, yesterday and just wanted to die. I had a turtleneck, sweatshirt, and Ugg boots on too. I felt like I was being suffocated. Add to that: a mask and a last minute switch to a kindergarten classroom for the morning, I was at an extreme degree of uncomfortable. 

So high-waisted jeans: can we just stop with those already? (I only have the one pair still. I think this is where it will end for me.) 

8. Speaking of sausage, Scott spent all of last weekend making goose snack sticks. 

9. Worth mentioning: school is cancelled today because it's so cold. We have Monday off, Tuesday is supposed to be dangerously cold again so I doubt we'll have school...and I have this classroom of 1st graders I'm supposed to start teaching on Tuesday (until a TBD date), which will push it to Wednesday and then...we still need to have our Valentine's Party because it's supposed to be today and I actually have to leave early for an appointment on Wednesday so....next week won't be hard or confusing for anyone at all, I'm sure. 

10. Many of you mentioned that you could practically feel your hands sweating from anxiety when you read my post on Monday (or something like that). 

Fresh off the Boat is really funny, if you haven't seen it. 

Just to update: I spent most of this week fighting with the propane company. Usually I deal with things like this pertaining to utilities and especially in rentals. It got to the point where Scott had to step in and solve the problem because he had more time to take care of it this week. 

In regards to medical records: I got a voicemail from Wells' doctor here saying that they don't have results from his lead test (that was done in April 2019) but only from his anemia test that was done in April 2019. I was confused because they left no callback number so I couldn't even ask questions and they just left instructions to "go to the lab" to get it done. 

I had to take the time to call his Pittsburgh doctor, who matter-of-factly informed me that yes, the lead test is right next to the anemia test on his records because they were done. the. same. day. so we're not sure how they missed it (other than the fact that our healthcare is "free", of course). 

I asked if she could send me a copy and she said she'd rather just send it to the doctor. Obviously, as I told her, the doctor didn't know what to do with it the first time so, if I had it, at least I could (re?)deliver it to medical records. So.... that's next week's project. 

Stay warm. 


  1. Hate high waisted jeans. Never got on that trend. Saw my mom wear them in the 80s. No thanks! I think we should still be diligent about hand washing and wearing masks, but we can't stop living. We still need to do things we enjoy! I don't find Bachelor Matt attractive, but he seems like a really great person. Seriously tho... what's with her turtle necks?! Yuck, I can't take it!

  2. I got uncomfortable reading about the high waisted outfit. I can’t teach if I’m too hot or uncomfortable! There’s nothing worse, the uncertainty of school with weather is hard. I guess we all need to take it one day at a time. I regret being so careful. Honestly. We had it made when the weather was nice and we could be outside. Now telling us to double mask? Where does it end?

    1. Literally, it will end when we say it's over. That may seem pessimistic but it's true. I wear a mask when I'm asked to, but we're doing life as normal.

  3. I fear the day I have to go somewhere and wear real pants again. Share anything good you find! It has been leggings and sweatshirts here for months on repeat. I have a different sweatshirt for every day of the week :) Joshilyn Jackson is one of my favorites. Two people who told me they didn't like Wife Upstairs also say that Jane Eyre is their favorite book and that is why they didn't like it. If I were an author, I wouldn't announce that I am trying to channel a classic like that...I would just see if people pick up on it lol.

  4. After fighting for a week to get my mom some propane while she's in rehab... I cant even hear the word "propane" without breaking out in hives.
    I have to go look now - I havent heard who the word is for the Bachlorette. I liked Tyler C but I dont get the CRAZY over the top nutso vibes like everyone else does. the whole Heather thing was so dumb. Looks like she's not going to make it past that night - which girl - BUH BYE

  5. I personally like high waisted jeans only because I feel like they make my waist look a little bit smaller (I am pear shaped and any weight gain goes straight to my butt/hips, ugh!) BUT... I can do without the weird square long crotch that occasionally happens, haha. I feel the same about the whole "safe" thing.. like, nothing is ever 100% safe, right? I get what people are saying but come on.

  6. I wear Van Heusen pants as well as NY & Co. Then I always pick a day where its leggings and a sweater dress. I love those days, ha!

  7. High waisted jeans are like a special form of hell

  8. Pants are the one wardrobe item I’ve figured out. My office work pants are Alfani Tummy-Control Pull-On Skinny Pants. I wear the short length so they hover above my shoes. My winter WFH uniform is Cuddl Duds ‘fleecewear with stretch’ leggings. Both from Macy’s!


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