January 18, 2021

This weekend...

... I stayed off of Instagram for a few days. I know everyone has their social media triggers. Mine is IG. Facebook is just bothersome and Twitter is informative. IG is an absolute time suck and comparison trap. 

... I cleaned/Cloroxed the trash cans and did a vinegar rinse on the Keurig.

....I highlighted my hair. I was so pleased with this Clairol version of highlights. I was not seeing results at all from the Loreal version anymore. This one turned my hair more of a golden, rather than just a blonde. The directions said something about "leave it on longer if you see a red tint". I see maybe more of a red tint than I've never had before (also, I've never had a red tint), but I like it. It's very natural/autumnal. $10 well-spent. Maybe next time I'll try balayage. You know what? That's a good goal for 2021. 

[picture to come during daylight hours]

....went to the local grocery store instead of going to Walmart. Wells broke the eggs at the checkout.

...Scott's friend came over for lunch and we had Panda Express. We're very high-brow. 

....I finished Bridgerton. Meaning, I watched 6 episodes back to back. 

... I finished one book and got halfway through another. 

...I watched the Chiefs game. We're like barely Steelers fans anymore. Something about them is just...off? Scott has been a Bills fan forever and I've always loosely (v loosely) followed the Chiefs because my brother loves them and they're in the AFC and I tend to only follow AFC teams. Now we're living in the Kansas City area and EVERYTHING is red, white, and yellow in these parts. Better than blue and orange, I suppose. 

...I placed a Beauty Counter order, and joined Band of Beauty. I only did this because I wanted two products and one of the products I wanted was the FREE gift for joining and it cost less to join than it did to buy the product. So I got two free products, the other product I bought, and the perks of B of B membership for a calendar year. 

...I bought a Loopy phone case. It's a thing I do: I buy phone cases. I don't know why/where this comes from, but it's a thing.  It's one of those running jokes that's not quite a joke because it drives Scott insane. Anyway, Verizon sent me a refund debit card for a bill we overpaid, so I used it to buy a phone case, among other things. 

....I front-loaded Wells on dentistry. I did this with potty training and it was a success. I bought a potty book and we read and looked at that thing every day for 3 weeks and then, all of a sudden, he was ready to potty train. This past week, I bought a dentist book and we look at it 2-3 times a day in preparation for today's dentist visit. Thoughts and prayers, please. 

...I also bought a regular doctor book this weekend, thinking maybe I can reason the hysterics out of him by reading about the doctor every day. He has his 2.5 year check-up next week. 

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  1. I'm the same way with phone cases and purses too. Loved reading about your weekend. :)

  2. I love Loopy phone cases, they are the only ones I have used the last several years. The first two times we went to the dentist, Zoe did amazing. The last the last time was NOT my favorite. We are so overdue for an appointment. We were supposed to go back in the spring but they were closed because of the pandemic, I never rescheduled. She is due a wellness visit too. ugh. Hope the appointment went well!

    1. It's funny that you schedule around "pandemic" and I schedule around our "next move" lol. Both valid! I took care of everything I possibly could in Pittsburgh in June, and now it's time to do the next round of appointments. I keep a perpetual calendar for these things.

  3. I think I'm the last person to get on the Bridgerton train. I'm trying to watch it when I know I can just fall in its trance like everyone else.

  4. I have 1.5 episodes of Bridgerton left and I plan to finish them before the weekend (hopefully tonight). How was The Wrong Family? The blurb on the cover sounded good. Good luck with Wells!


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