January 15, 2021

5 on Friday. 1/15

1. To start with, I bought myself a pair of Align leggings on Sunday. Happy birthday to me. I mean, I ordered them online. I have no idea if I'll like them. But since so many love those darn things, I figured that if there was ever a year to try, birthday number thirty-five is it. If you can't do something now, then when? 

Edited to add: I got them yesterday and they are kind of magical. That's my professional opinion so far. I have spent so much money on leggings that claim to be "like lululemon" that I figured I should just do it. I got olive green in a size 4. I never size down and prefer loose over tight so I just started with a 4. They seem to work. I'll try them on again before I decide to keep them. I didn't feel regret (just the usual shame that I spent so much money on something insignificant). If they work, it's worth it, right? I hate all my other cheap leggings right now.


The weather has been shockingly unpredictable and nasty this week. It's that Colorado-effect: the weather gets windy and warm before it takes a turn for the worst.  I had to unexpectedly take today off because I couldn't ask our sitter to travel 45 minutes in blowing snow and ice. The news is saying specifically "do not travel" (always reassuring). Obviously, it'd be a day where Scott has been made virtual and has a million things to do for 6+ hours. 
Question: do you ever get over the guilt of taking off work for things like this? 

A win: I did pull out my suede Sole Society boots from a few years ago and I like them again. Originally, I wasn't sure about them, but they work for me now. 


I made an ice cream cake over the weekend for my birthday. Wells dug in. 
Are you interested in the recipe? I have a ton of ice cream cakes in my Recipes

4.  We took Wells to Cabela's over the weekend. 

5. Bachelor: Ugh, Matt James might just be the best Bachelor ever. He has a level of empathy and compassion that we've LITERALLY never seen on this show. Of course, that level of empathy is going to get him in trouble when it comes to Victoria. 

Who do you like? I like Sarah. Abigail. Bri. I mean, how could you *not* like any of them? I feel like this could be a true love story-type of season. 

I still prefer a good Bachelor Party recap but, if I'm in the mood for a hate-listen (and if you are too!) go check out Here to Make Friends this week! They are biggest bunch of racist, misogynist, bigoted podcasters on the recap circuit right now. They said that Matt James can't possibly be as Christian as he's appearing to be because he's black and the producers are attempting to make him more palatable. Also, he (Matt James) is playing into gender stereotypes and it feels "icky" because he's saying that a man must support, love, and care for his family. 

Nice, right?  They are the worst. 

And they can't end an episode without calling at least one white person a racist; Victoria can't just be mean and a bully and tone-deaf, she also has to be a racist. I don't like Victoria at ALL but disliking someone doesn't make them a racist. Plus, they are so lost in their own virtue-signaling echo chamber that they won't even have someone on who disagrees with them. I love when Nick Viall is on because he challenges them. This week the guest was just, literally, an echo of whatever Emma said. 

Alright. I'm done. (And no, I don't subscribe but I'll pull it up for a good hate-listen every other week or so.)


  1. It is so funny that you mention lululemon today. I have literally been watching videos on them for about a week now. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that leggings cost $100 there. But also, I bought Spanx leggings for $100 and they were absolutely worth it and I have zero regret. I hate all my cheap leggings. They make my legs itch, they fall down, cause muffin top, aren't long enough, are too long, are too loose around my ankles, aren't comfortable to wear all day, etc. I have been trying to decide if I want to pull the trigger on a pair of aligns. Let me know how you like them after you wore them a few time and if you have pilling. The pilling is what makes me nervous.

    1. I see many people buys brands that are just as expensive, even if they're not LL. So? Maybe there's somewhere there. I DESPISE Old Navy leggings and Target's aren't great (the Wild Fable cotton ones last year were okay but they sag after a bit). Someone mentioned IVL leggings from Nordstrom, but said they were thicker?

  2. I placed my first Lulu order yesterday but everything I ordered was for my daughter who is a high schooler. I am half way hoping she doesn´t like the leggings that I ordered her because I got them on sale (still $80- crazy) so they are not returnable and I should be able to wear them if she doesn´t like them. I hope you love your leggings!

    1. That's a nice arrangement: you getting to wear them if she doesn't like them!
      Yes, I cannot imagine my mom having spent that on leggings for me :)

  3. I'm surprised how much I'm liking Matt James... but MANNNN oh MANNNNNN how I dislike Victoria. I know who my favorites are but I dont know their names yet. I dont listen to Here to Make Friends... I dont care for the Bachelor recap with Rachel & Becca ... Rachel is insufferable to me on some topics.

  4. Yay to you on Lululemon...I still haven't taken the plunge yet. I need to, I hear its a good investment.

    As for Bachelor, I'm not a fan of the Queen but I do like Abigail. I actually want to watch this season.

  5. Happy birthday! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the leggings. Thanks for linking all of your recipes. I want to make beer bread again. I made it with a dark beer and it was a bit too beery an de I made it with Mich ultra and it was light and really good. Since I still have both those beers I’m thinking of doing half and half. Cabelas and bass pro were fun outings for our boys. I love Matt! I think I like the same three girls the best, too. I can’t believe I’m this old and still watching but what else do I have to do?
    What did you think of Bridgerton? I can’t decide what I think.

    1. I really enjoyed Bridgerton. I won't read the books because I never read after I watch the show/movie. I wasn't looking for historically accurate because I don't care and generally dislike period pieces. You'd mentioned that it was a little racy but there's nothing in this that's not in all of the rom-com books (that are all completely identical to each other) that everyone is always posting about :) Bridgerton had, unlike those books, likable characters LOL.
      It made me cry! There's not many shows that do that. I wish they hadn't wrapped up the end so neatly, though. I suppose there's lots of storylines for next season still.

      I usually use Coors Light in beer bread, just because I know what the flavor will be. I've never tried dark beer. You can use ginger ale too, for a sweeter taste.

  6. I'm clearly WAY out of the loop as I've never even heard of these Align leggings. I've never tried on LL and I actually have no interest. I'm a huge fan of Zella though.


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