January 6, 2021

*cUrReNtLy in January 2021*

We welcomed in 2021 with a round of fails. 

Propane. Still dealing with this. We left the exact amount of money in a check that they asked us to leave and then they left a bill for more than the check.

Trash. We screwed this one up. Between the ice storm last week and not remembering what day it was, we forgot to put the trash out in time. Now we'll have an extra week's worth of trash to figure out. We can't put it in the garage because of attracting mice and we can't put it outside out of the can because of wild animals tearing it apart. Not to mention that load of cardboard we need to get to the recycling center this week. So. much. cardboard.

Post office. To whoever believes the post office is good and genuine and just doing the right thing, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. They are a bloated, debt-ridden government entity just like the rest of Washington D.C. Hashtag swampy. They've operated at a deficit for decades. Sure, they have extra pressure on them because everyone sits at home and orders online these days, but we do make a lot of excuses for them. Mail carriers are great most of the time; the idea of the post office is valuable but not feasible in the long-term. Think how the Michael Scott Paper Company couldn't operate for more than like 2 months without bottoming out. That's how the post office works. They don't charge what UPS/FedEx charges and they can't make a profit because of it. 

ANYWAY...I had a hold on our mail while we were away and it wasn't delivered on the day it was supposed to be and then I was like "I should check on this" and then I didn't and just gave it two more days and it was all delivered on January 2nd instead of December 30th. It's like I couldn't even muster the energy or desire to go to the post office because I knew they wouldn't be able to help me, even though that was the location where I filled out the mail-hold form. I just feel like it's talking to a wall if I go there with legitimate questions about such things. 

Ice storm. We arrived home to an ice storm last week and we're 99% sure someone stole something from our property while we were gone. They only people who knew we were gone were the propane company and the post office so... 

But here we are. A new year. 

Beginning... lots of new TV. I started Bridgerton on Monday night and I couldn't look away. Holy cow. So good. 

The Bachelor started this week...I'm all-in on Matt’s personality! Thoughts?

We're watching season 3 of Cobra Kai, and I'm anxiously awaiting the next season of Better Call Saul on Netflix. That is the best show. If you enjoyed Breaking Bad, you need to watch Saul. 

And, since I'm listening to a Gossip Girls podcast, I was thinking of restarting the series. I haven't watched it since I was 9 months pregnant and just hanging out at home. 

Feeling... like everyone should start off their new year with this book:

It's political, yes, but it's common-sense driven and he doesn't really pick a "side". I listened while I was cleaning and organizing all weekend. It's perfect for 2021 if you're resolving to think for yourself. He actually explains the best ways to do your own research while going over the turning points of his political past. 

Organizing... this was a long time coming, but I tackled the Christmas decorations. It took me all weekend. I worked during nap times and while Wells was awake, but basically....

I took all of our Christmas tubs, took out every decoration, took down all of my decorations that were out, and repacked it all. I threw away a lot when it came to gift wrapping (I almost never use the paper two years in a row and wrapping paper is a PAIN to try to pack and move when it's easier to just buy new each year) and piled up a few decorations I didn't really like to give away. 

I was able to whittle from 6 tubs down to 5 and now I have the extra tub to use for Wells' outgrown clothes and toys I've just been piling up in the basement. 

I also took care of the "fall" tub. I was completely out of room and it was all just piled in the basement. But I got rid of all of our Halloween costumes from the last 10 years...things we will never wear again so why was I keeping them?...and that made a difference.

There's a "spring/summer" tub too but it's pretty sparse. I don't decorate much for anything other than fall or Christmas. 

(That was literally my weekend.)

Resolving... I posted what I'm happy about from 2020. It's a pretty comprehensive list. All in all, I'm satisfied with the year. 

Wondering... With all of the talk about Peacock and The Office leaving Netflix: Is there anyone else that The Office Ladies podcast has completely RUINED The Office for? Jenna Fischer is the worst. I don't care and don't need to watch when I already have every episode memorized. I own most seasons on DVD but we also don't have a DVD player anymore, so...

Anyway, is this just a "me" thing? (It might just be a "me" thing.)

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  1. Matt just may be the best bachelor ever. So impressed.
    Bridgerton wasn’t what I expected and not sure I like the narrator. It gets risqué in maybe episode 5?
    Thinking of watching it again.
    Feels so good to purge decor!

    1. Bachelor universe is just as swampy as Washington DC lol. Matt came from outside the bubble and I like it! I am NOT a Tyler C fan at all, so I was very skeptical bc of that connection, but he seems like such a good guy.

      I'm not a period drama fan at all, so I am not hung up on the authenticity of Bridgerton the way I'm seeing some people are? I'm still only one episode in but I really couldn't look away.

  2. Yes, can't wait to start Bridgertons! And I whittled down the Christmas decorations last year - not only was it satisfying to free up a couple of bins at the time, but it was even better when December came around and I started decorating, because it was all organized and I had just stuff in there that I actually like!

  3. I could not agree more about the Post Office...pathetic. :) Going to check out that book. Sounds interesting. Happy New Year!

  4. Sorry about something being stolen from your property! that's horrible. Yay for getting all the Christmas decorations away and organized.


  5. Missing trash day is the worst!! We have a lot of cardboard right now that I have stacked on my deck, slowly putting it in our recycle bin each week since Christmas. I have so many tubs of Zoe's clothes that she has outgrown. I have a hard time giving them up, but I really need to.

  6. I really need to go through all our decorations. There are some I never put on the tree so why do we still have them?!?!?!? I don't know...

  7. I need to find Better Call Saul & try again - I made it through season 1 & just never picked up to carry on


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