January 8, 2021

5 on Friday. 1/8

 #1 I don't know if I'm proud of it, but we did a third Christmas in Kansas. So we had Christmas morning again on New Year's Day. This is where Wells got the gifts from us (we made no mention of Santa but he's already made that connection between Santa and presents). 

#2  It's literally embarrassing: almost nothing makes me happier than a new Longchamp. Again, I'm embarrassed by this, but it is what it is. 

#3 Both dogs went to the vet this week for Lyme booster shots. They were not happy. When Scout realized where he was, he turned his back and wouldn't look at us. When Jett realized what was happening, he played dead and wouldn't let me get him out of the car. Fun.

#4 If you need a laugh...

I am not from the midwest, but I've spent so much time working with people who ARE from the midwest (mostly in Colorado) that this is all so familiar now. It's just basic vernacular to me at this point. 

When you have a Google Classroom, you have to have a bitmoji, I've realized. In preparation for if I need one in the future, I spent 2-3 hours trying to create one a few weeks ago. It is a giant virtual waste of time. But necessary. 

Who just doesn't like anything anymore? 

#5 Finally, I have no big Bachelor thoughts this week. Like I said the other day, I'm all-in on Matt's personality. I feel that I have gone into this not liking him because of his connection to Hannah B (gag) and Tyler C (blech). But I've been pleasantly surprised! He's wildly better than Peter on every level and so much better than Colton and Arie and Nick and....
I mean, the bar is low, but my expectations are higher than usual. I'm not crazy about the women though. I think Tayshia had better guys than Matt has girls. Make sense?


  1. LOL That is me with the weather. Except, I have allergies in the fall too, but they are more tolerable with the pleasant weather and pretty leaves.

  2. I totally was going into the Bachelor with a bad attitude because we're back to such a younger crowd... but seeing him with his mom & him praying before they started, I was like, ok - maybe he'll be ok... I still dont see him getting married.
    So I'm gonna need to see this bitmoji :)

  3. I like the girl he gave the first impression rose to. Im not a fan of queen & kit.


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