November 13, 2020

Recipe Recommendations! (with toddler reviews)

Scout sleeping on Scott's hunting sweatshirt last Scott can't leave without him. 
This is his strategy and it works. 

These are all new-to-me recipes I've tried in the last few weeks. I'm trying to be innovative...we're all getting sick of cooking, I know. 

These are mostly from the same website because I went on a bookmarking spree a few weeks ago.

1. Peanut Noodles

This is the best version of peanut noodles I've made in years. I feel like they were a *little* salty, so next time I'll cut the soy sauce a bit and add more honey. I also use Thai Kitchen rice noodles instead of ramen because that's what I had on hand.

Wells ate a bunch of it, asking where the "meatballs" were, because he was eating noodles minus the meatballs. 

2. Puff Pastry Pizza.

This was interesting. I'm a sucker for any and all pizza. It does not matter. I'll eat it. 

I probably wouldn't make this again just because puff pastry doesn't have a lot of flavor and it was pretty messy (flaky). 

Wells ate two pieces. He eats pizza in a weird way, kind of going straight in for the toppings and then down, leaving a shell of crust.

3. Chicken Marsala.

Scott made this twice last week. That's how good it was. Buying the ingredients for it, you generally get enough for two meals anyway.

We had it over basmati rice. 

Wells wouldn't touch it but he did eat some that I fed to him from my plate (because apparently that's different food than on his plate). 

4. Street Corn Nachos.

I've made something similar to this before and that corn was a lot better. I'm sure if I used fresh corn on the cob, this would be spectacular but I didn't because it's November. 

I mean, nachos are like pizza: all are at least kind of good. 

Wells ate a few chips covered in corn. He definitely didn't dislike it. 

What's the best new recipe you've tried lately? 


  1. Just pinned those peanut noodles, they look delicious. Thai style food is definitely a favorite of mine. Those nachos look so good. I am the only one that really enjoys corn in my house. Chris hates it, and Zoe only likes canned cream corn. Go figure.

  2. I'm the same way about pizza. I can eat it every day too.
    I really am trying to expand my recipes

  3. Have you made/had pull apart pizza bread?

  4. I want to try the chicken Marsala! The only new recipe I’ve trued was lasagna soup! I have a few I want to make when my boys come home!


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