November 16, 2020

Don't Let Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

^ This has been said by many a wise person and it's true. 

For a long time, I kept thinking that I wanted to post clothes again because it gave me a lot of joy. Then I was just tired and unmotivated. Then I realized that I may not have time to set up a shot every day (I use my own terminology so loosely here: I was not all that proficient with this to begin with, remember?), but I could at least document and try. Because I love when other bloggers post their outfits. Why not at least attempt to contribute the same content? I could at least try. 

So I've been taking these outfit photos in the 10 seconds between me getting home, getting out of the car, and going into the house. 

It works. 

Last week, I wore pants for three days. If you've ever worked with me, this is a big deal. I 100% percent prefer a dress or skirt to pants. Pants make me sad, to be honest. I wear leggings or joggers at home and then shorts or dresses (or leggings or joggers) out and about. 

A Target (Knox Rose) sweatshirt from last year that I don't like, but I wear occasionally. 
Athleta Bettona Jeggings (counts as pants because there's pockets)
And brown boots that are a few years old but a kid told me she liked them on Friday, so there you go. 
Also, my North Face jacket that has served me very well for 5 years now.

Stitchfix 3/4 sleeve top and black high-waisted pants. 
Jacket is 10 years old.
Booties are Target. 

(The shirt isn't was Veterans' Day and I was instructed to wear red/white/blue. It's A&F and I don't like it anymore.) 

 I mostly want to highlight that I wore jeans for the first time since February. That may be a personal record. 9 months. They're Madewell Road Tripper jeans. They're high-waisted skinny jeans and I *do* recommend them because they totally hold their shape. 

What are you wearing lately? 


  1. I love that quote and it works for this purpose! Now how do I get this shot? Lol! Lindsay of Lindsay’s sweet world does a good job with it! Maybe you haven’t found your pants? Fun research project - what pants work for subbing and home life?

    1. I feel like I've tried all the pants in the last 10 years. Anything fitted/skinny is going to be hard because so many stretch out! The Stitchfix ones held up though.

  2. I enjoy the realness of your posts! I absolutely relate to you on so many levels. There are so many bloggers who post these expensive and elaborate outfit posts and I sit here and think, "Do they really wear all of that just to go to the grocery store?!" Meanwhile, I'm working from home wearing my boyfriend's sweats and a t-shirt. You are, by far, the most real and relatable blogger I've ever known and that's why you're my favorite. I've followed you for a while now and it's always like I'm sitting down to read an email from a friend when I read one of your posts. Thank you for being so honest and so real! Have a great day!

    1. Aw thanks, Nikki!
      And it's so hard to relate to bloggers when, yep, you are at home in your comfy clothes. Like why would I want to "invest" in workwear?

  3. I basically live in yoga pants & leggings working from home. Now that its colder, when I go to the barn, I wear sweat pants... I honestly havent worn anything other than tees or sweatshirts since March... crazy.

  4. Its getting colder so not many skirts/dresses as usual so just trying to look cute with a mask is my goal!

  5. I always love when lifestyle bloggers share outfits, because they are way more relatable than fashion bloggers. I pretty much live in casual lounge attire these days. When I was going to the office, I wear dresses pretty much all spring/summer/fall and jeans and dressy looking legging type black pants with sweaters. I am all about comfort.

    1. Dresses are so much easier. Fashion bloggers, especially in 2020, are probably the least relatable bunch.

  6. Have you tried Hue? Also, Matilda Jane has layered knit bootcut - ish that I love! This is great quality and so comfortable. It’s hard!


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