October 26, 2020

Wells' Tractor Room

Bedroom number three in two years!

Here's #1 in Wyoming, and #2 in Pittsburgh

I don't want to say it's nothing special because it's intentional, but it's nothing over-the-top. He doesn't spend a whole lot of time in there playing because he drags his toys everywhere else, since the last place we usually hang out is his room. So, instead, I keep some of his toys in a box in our room, and everything else that's out for him to play with is downstairs. I do have plans to get him a toy box, but I don't know if that'll be this year or not. I have a few bookmarked. 

Otherwise, I spent less than $100 on this room, if you count the curtains + curtain rod. (Uh, I don't.)

 I keep most of his tractor books in there because those are his preferred bedtime reading. Also, that SkipHop table is always a worthwhile investment if you're considering one for a baby. We started with it at 4 months and he still uses it to play on with his cars and trucks. 

So the theme is "tractor" but we aren't John Deere people. Anything with a red/blue/whatever color is preferred. That's a throw my mom found online and the two pictures on the shelf are Wells on lawnmowers ("tractors"). 

This is "Pap's tractor", that Wells says good night to, hello to, good-bye to, etc.
That shelf (Target, last year, really like it) was originally for the Hatch Rest but I moved it to his dresser so the light wouldn't keep him awake. 

I already had the frames from last year's room, so this was just getting the prints for a dollar each. 

I found this on Etsy. I looked for a very long time for something kind of vintage and not loud when it came to a print. 
 I actually went through all of Hobby Lobby one day two months ago, just hoping to find something farm/tractor-inspired and they had nothing. It was super disappointing. 

In a perfect world, I'd have found something with the alphabet on it or numbers or something. I realized I could only look for so long, though, or it'd be time to move again. 

So much of what you see for boys is like this and that is decidedly not my style. 

We're the weirdos who don't put anything over the crib because of paranoia. 

I should've taken a close up here: these tractor prints are from Amazon. They are printed on canvas. It was $13 for the set of 4 and I just popped them into the frames that went with Wells' first two rooms, that originally held woodland animal prints. The frames are from Walmart (Better Homes and Gardens) and I mismatched them on purpose.

The green and yellow felt tractor bunting is from Amazon. 
It was from his birthday party so I repurposed it. 

The blinds are never up (my blackout shades are the prescribed Taking Cara Babies method) so he was curious about what was out the window. 

It was Scott on the lawnmower. 


  1. That throw is awesome!!!! Makes me wonder if there's a knit pattern for something like that to make

  2. His room is so fun! I like those tractors better than the green john deere ones too.

  3. I love the tractor theme! So cute. Much better than a lot of other boy stuff out there.


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