September 2, 2020

Currently {September}

Appreciating... having a big house. Ohmygosh, it's just the best after one and half years of being cramped in Pittsburgh. I mean, this house isn't even that huge but the two-car+ garage makes it seem bigger, I think.  It's just the right size for right now, since we are sorting out boxes we haven't seen since Colorado and enjoying having the extra space for Wells to play. OH! And I have a dedicated guest room again. It's been a few years since that was a thing for us. 

Also, having a master bath again: We haven't had a true master bath since 2013-2014 in Missouri. 

Anticipating... hiking in the fall. We went on part of the Lewis and Clark Trail this past weekend and it was disgustingly disgusting to be out of doors, among the trees. The bugs, the stickiness, the sun...(I'm the worst, I know.) But I like hiking and I just would prefer cooler conditions (but not like snow..that's not okay either).

Missouri River

Collecting... a rather impressive repertoire of spritzers. I have been mixing and matching a lot. The picture isn't great but this is pinot grigio (always ice cold) with La Croix and fresh lime (always fresh lime, not bottled juice). I've mentioned before how I don't like La Croix and I don't, by itself. It's great mixed with wine though. 

Starting... lots of things..Chloe Ting's 4-Week Summer Shred, to curate my wardrobe in a way that makes more sense for this SAHM life, to make freezer meals again, and to paint my nails again. 

This month's StitchFix box was a winner...kept it all because that just makes sense, you know? Plus, I tried to justify not keeping it all by saying "well, I could get 3 shirts from Target or Old Navy for the price of that sweater..." and then remembered I'm not supposed to be thinking that way right now. This may take some time.*

Here's my referral link if you were thinking of giving SF a try!

Enchilada Bake...I just made it up as I went along. But I froze a few of these a few weeks ago and it was a winner as a freezer meal. 

I spent a good 10 minutes convincing myself to buy this cheap $2 polish because it was a color I loved and had been looking for but was decidedly not a fall color. It didn't disappoint. I love it. TWO DOLLARS. $1.97, I believe.

Finishing... 4 books in August. I have a stack to get through to keep up with library due dates and that's super stressful to me? It's a very strange thing to be stressed about, I admit. Looking at my year-to-date, I set a goal of 48 and I'm at... 35 for the year so far. I'm not overly impressed with that number. How's your reading going?

The latest book I finished. Reviews in real time on IG. 

Also, speaking of *currently*, my no-spend challenge went rather poorly by some standards but was an overall success in that I accomplished what I wanted to: no-random spending in regards to throwing things in shopping carts that I didn't need, and no clothes. I feel like end-of-season resets are important when it comes to clothes.

*This may be a deeper issue: I started buying random things from Old Navy and Walmart and whatnot when I was pregnant because I didn't NEED the clothes I wore at that point to last longer than a few months, so they served me well at the time and that was it. Now, it's been weird to convince myself to spend more on quality again. 

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  1. Your enchilada bake looks awesome! Glad you're enjoying some SPACE!!

  2. I want to read The Guest List so badly, but my list is so long right now I have no idea when I will get to it. I guess there could be worse problems lol. #currently

  3. Tjst enchilada bake looks good!

  4. I really enjoyed The Guest List. I do get stressed on trying to finish books in a certain time frame sometimes though, so I get that.

    Yay for having a lot more space in your current house!


  5. You seem so much happier in Colorado! Awesome win on the Stitch Fix box! I set a reading goal of 24 books this year. I’ve read 22. Last year I did a total of 30 so we’ll see! I enjoyed The Guest List!

  6. Wine and La Croix sounds amazing. Why haven’t I done this?

  7. The enchilada bake looks delish! Your nails are so cute. I often argue with myself about things like that too. I have to remind myself, "Life is short! Just buy it." ;-)

  8. Great post! I hear lots of great comments on Stitch Fix. Washington State is an amazing place to go hiking if you're interested in taking a trip somewhere when travel is a thing again. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Having a master bath is amazing. I didnt have one for years and in our new home we have one and I don't know how I lived without it. Fall hikes are the best.


  10. I was in a reading rut this month and am trying to finish one before the link up next week. I am so with you on appreciating a bigger house right now. I am so so so thankful that we moved last November. I could NOT imagine living in our old house during all of this. We would have gone crazy.

  11. Being happy with your house situation is extra nice in these stay-at-home times, isn't it? I am one of the people who has done tons of extra reading during the pandemic, as my form of escape (though I know just as many people have had too much trouble concentrating on books), so I'm going to meet my goal early. I breezed through The Guest List and enjoyed it, though not my favorite mystery of the year. That has to go to Long Bright River.


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