July 23, 2020


...it's been raining for at least an hour and you realize the vinyl crib mattress cover is still outside "drying".

This really sums up this week, in one picture.

...the dogs keep growling at random animals in the yard and you keep threatening with I will shock you, when they don't even have their collars on so there's nothing you can do.

...you make a list of activities for the toddler to do, hoping you'll be the fun mom but probably will just let him play in mud puddles again because there's no to low expectation there and he loves it. 

The sad little list. I stuck this all on the wall so I don't forget to try some of them. 

If anyone has fun ideas for what to put on the wall above my desk, share them! 

...you keep going back to Walmart, spending more and more money on freaking curtains...and you get the wrong size but you'll make them work because you don't want to return onemorething.

I "splurged" on towels. The BH&G towels are legit. We love them. Also, we've bought towels at many places in the last 10 years and this line is my favorite. And I haven't bought new towels since 2015ish so...that's my splurge. Towels are annoyingly expensive. 

....you really want to take an outfit photo but your skin feels too good to put makeup on if you don't have to, and also it's 99 and humid so who wants to either a) go outside, or b) clog up pores. 

...Jett is a mood. 


  1. I've not put on makeup except once since March - so yeah - this heat doesnt help.
    I'm totally checking out those towels!
    I need to get new curtains for my bedroom - & living room - & I need to check out measurements & all that fun stuff

  2. I only put makeup on for my Monday Zoom meetings for work, and sometimes Saturdays for our family car rides. Where we go no where outside of the car, but I like to remind my husband that he didn't marry a vampire or zombie lol. BH&G is definitely one of my favorite lines for things. We have patio furniture from there that is so pretty and a fraction of the cost but same look as something much more expensive.


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