July 27, 2020

Products I'm Loving--July 2020

There will be no weekend recap. My weekend included sharing a box of mac and cheese with a 2 year old on Friday night and sharing a frozen pizza with him on Saturday night. 

No one needs evidence of how bad things got around here. With tantrums (from us all) and a real feel temp of 104 degrees...not every weekend needs to be remembered for posterity, right?

One thing I did manage to take care of was organizing our master bath more-so than it has been in the last month. So I got to look at old products and new products, and find new homes for them all.

I get my best and most favorite beauty/bath product ideas from blogs. Hopefully this will give you some ideas if you're in the market for something new. 

Fellow contact lens wearers, this is the best solution I've found. I buy travel bottles often, because they take up less space. But since I soak in a peroxide solution most nights, this is what I'll use if I need to moisten a contact after a nap or something. It's like bathing your eyeball in lotion. So refreshing. It's also the same price as all the other solutions so it's worth picking up if you need some anyway. 

I've tried Cetaphil on and off in the last two years but this is one I picked up randomly because my doctor recommended "something like Cetaphil" when I was having awful issues with allergies around my eyes this spring. 
A week later, Scott asked me what I was doing because my skin looked "really good". This is it. Just this! 
It's not drying, it leaves your face squeaky clean, and it doesn't have a strong scent. 
My face looks better when I use this, in comparison to any other product I've tried recently.

I mentioned this Lancome eye cream before...this container is a sample. It is wonderful; refreshing, smooth, and (I think) really helps with bags and circles. It's not cheap but I will get some more when my BeautyCounter eye cream runs out. Usually I use the Lancome in the morning and the BC at night. (You're seriously never too young for eye cream. Just do it.)

And a product I haven't tried as of yet is a night cream. A blogger I follow mostly for her recommendations suggested this. It's less than $15 and you don't use much. It does feel great. 
I use it every other night. I didn't want to recommend it until I knew it wouldn't make me break out. A week in, we're good so far. 

Any beauty product recommendations to share? 


  1. Cetaphil is the best! My mom has used it forever, and the older I get the more issues I have with random skincare products, so I use it too now.

  2. I'm the worst with beauty products. I usually use all Neutrogena products stuff. Nothing exciting - nothing extra

  3. Cerave is one of my favorite drugstore brands. I use their cleanser in the evenings after I remove my makeup (if I had any one) with an oil cleanser. Definitely like Lancome eye creams. I haven't found a magic one, but theirs is pretty solid.

  4. That sounds like how my husband and I eat! Love Cetaphil! It’s so gentle.


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