June 2, 2020

{Currently} in June

Feeling... lots of anxiety, nervousness, etc. Meh, right? 

Wearing... I went back to the most tried-and-true mascara I've ever used: Maybelline Full 'N Soft. It just works well for me. I do like the Honest brand mascara, especially to touch up the tips of lashes, but the primer is too heavy for me. Plus, Honest seems to make the biggest difference with lash length, and I like lash fullness, if that makes sense. 

Buying... I grabbed these shorts from Target the other day and went back to return them for a smaller size. They run big. I should've tried them on in-store. But I do like them. 

Craving... margaritas. They are my go-to during the summer months. 

Confession: I packed the wine glasses and fancy glasses months ago already because we never, ever used them. So we drink our margs and our wine out of plastic tumblers these days. 

Discussing... my thoughts. 

You know how people always say that you're complicit if you're silent? I think that if you're defending Antifa, you're complicit. If you're defending looting and rioting and defacing property, you're part of the problem.  If you're defending those actions, you're also part of the problem when it comes to all of the innocent people who were randomly attacked and beaten this past week, as well as having their livelihoods destroyed. The media is 110% complicit in this. 

If you want to protest, protest. No one, who I can imagine, believes that a police officer should be able to put their knee on the neck of a perpetrator and suffocate them, no matter their skin color. Everyone seemed to be in agreement over this! Then the protests started, which is completely understandable and sometimes necessary to facilitate change

...then the riots started. 

The following tweets more or less encapsulate my thoughts on the situation in our country right now: 

I'm not offended by anyone who disagrees with my thoughts..this is still America! I have a feeling we all agree on the basic tenets anyway. No one believes racism is good. Period. 

I would love to have an actual discussion with someone, though. 
If you want to chat, let's.  


  1. I have so many thoughts. Did you see the delivery of bricks to be thrown? That’s messed up. I don’t trust the media and there is so much political agenda out there.

  2. I agree that being silent is not complicit. All I know for sure, it is a hot mess. I think we would all benefit from taking some time to QUIETLY think and analyze, before we respond. Are we responding for the right reasons, or only because other people, waiting to judge us, expect us to respond. If we are quiet it is easier to listen. I don't think just listening is enough, but just shouting, and the much worse that is so prevalent, isn't helpful or effective in changing anything.

    On a lighter note, I am craving regular trips to Target to just browse and buy things other than necessities.

  3. All the tweets - everyone definitely has an opinion - some of them, I've appreciated the honesty - I can do without the hateful ones.
    I had to just log off of there.... that "Light a match" tweet is so 100%

  4. I agree with a lot of what you said. I don't get political on my blog or social media. Honestly, I hate politics in general. I don't really associate myself with either party, and I 100% do not trust the media. There are so many emotions and opinions. Bottom line, I just wish everyone could be a decent human...you know? If we could all just be kind to each other, all our problems would be solved. It has been heart breaking watching our city be torn down. I have seen so many local businesses lost everything. People (white and black) who have worked their entire lives for their dreams...and now its gone.

  5. Lots of tricky and sad and anxious feelings lately - clearly we have a lot to fix in our systems and culture. And on an entirely different subject, cute shorts!

  6. It should come as no surprise that I agree. I’m about to quit the internet.

  7. I've actively avoided Twitter in the past two weeks, but I agree with most of these. On a lighter note, I'm also drinking my alcoholic beverages out of tumblers, mostly so my neighbors won't question why I'm day-drinking on a weekday when sitting out on my deck. And that is my favorite mascara as well!

  8. My thoughts are basic: George Floyd was murdered and the video made me sick. What happened to him was horrific, wrong, and disgusting. He definitely deserves justice... but like you, I do not agree with the riots and looting and destruction. A gas station in our city just announced that they are NOT re-opening after the looting. It's only causing damage. I stay silent about this all on social media because I have nothing new or helpful to add to the conversation. I didn't post a blacked out image on Tuesday because what does that do? I didn't feel it was helpful, nor did it do anything for George Floyd.

  9. Anxiety, nervousness. Yep, I think we're all with you there. I'm lucky that I'm relatively well out of everything in Switzerland but the world out there still scares me.


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