June 5, 2020

5 Friday Things

This is another list of recommendations...I think that's what I'll do on Fridays for now, because that ring wash recommendation (that I found as a recommendation from another blogger on IG) was brand new information last week! That's the point of blogs and whatnot...I get my best recommendations from other bloggers.

No pictures because I haven't put the cake together yet, but it's absolutely delicious if you are in need of a chocolate cake. I ate a bunch of scraps while I trimmed the layers to level them. 

Our friend from India would sigh and shake his head, but I added roasted zucchini and broccoli because I had it to use and I didn't have any chickpeas. Seriously so good. I skipped the kale because kale is gross. 


The Pittsburgh salad. Not officially named that, but that's what I call it. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I was flabbergasted and confused to find that "salads" in Alaska weren't covered in french fries, back when we moved there in 2009. I couldn't understand what was happening in restaurants. 

Then I realized that only in Pittsburgh are salads covered in fries. I do recommend trying this if you get a chance. Got this at a place downtown yesterday. 

5. Socially-distant vet visits. 

Scout had his yearly check-up this week and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing vet trips this way. Wells got to just crawl around the car while we waited because they just came out to get Scout when it was his appointment time. SO MUCH EASIER than hauling him and a toddler into an (always kind of smelly, right?) office. The vet is never my favorite errand. 
Scout likes it less than I do, obviously. 
(And this sour, refuse-to-look-at-the-camera face, really, is just because he doesn't like the kid and The Vet + Wells = True Punishment.)

I also shared a few recommendations on Wednesday...mascara and shorts!


  1. Ahh yes, I miss Pittsburgh salads...and burgers. That curry bowl dinner looks so good! I need to check out that podcast. Have a great weekend!

  2. The fries on a salad is weird. However isn't your city known for a sandwich with fries on top also? We meant to try that place while there but didn't make it - next time!

  3. I love the vet trips like that too!!!!
    A salad with fries on it?? YES PELASE

  4. OMG yes! Socially distant vet visits ARE THE BEST! I had to take Bails to the vet just as we went on lockdown and it was honestly the best thing ever. I even think the vet staff prefer it. I hope some of these strategies stay in place once things return to normal (whatever and whenever that is).

  5. Chocolate cake is the best! I had never seen french fries on salads until I went to college near Pittsburgh. It's seriously SO amazing (probably because french fries are my favorite food).


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