March 5, 2020

March Goals.

A look back at February...

1. No Spend Month. This proved to be difficult to keep track of, but I did write down everything I spent. (It was slightly startling to add up the groceries, especially knowing that Scott went to the store to grab a few things two or three times either to get a few things he wanted and/or I needed him to get milk, grapes, etc on his way home. I may do an entire grocery-spending post since I have the data now and I love reading such things on other blogs.)

2. Clean out spice cabinet. Check. I did the pantry too.


3. Order prints from Snapfish. I did this on March 1st. It's such incredibly tedious work.

1. Decorate for Easter. Scott has been deployed for so many Easters that we just rarely did anything special. Last year was the first year I bought Easter decorations, and it was just a few. With a kid, it's a thing I'll start doing now. (Spoiler: I did this over the weekend.)

2. Give myself a pedicure. There's no way I'm paying and wasting good toenails when it's still very wintery and I wear socks/slippers at home 100% of the time. But my toenails need some attention for sure.

3. Birthday gifts. We have 3 family birthdays in March and it's 4 if you count Jett (I do). So I need to plan these out.

4.  Continue working on the basement. I spent a lot of January/February sorting, cleaning, and packing up unused items on our main floor. I have much to sort out still in the basement and pack up. Because we're doing a DIY move this summer, I want to streamline. It's amazing how much you accumulate with a child in tow. I've just gotten good and paring down my own belongings in the last few years and now I have this whole other person worth of stuff to contend with in the war on clutter.

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I also did a couple of currently posts (here and here) if you want a broader view of what's been going on, instead of just my goals :) The goals give me structure though so I'm keeping up with them via these posts. 


  1. Your spice cabinet looks soooo pretty. Let's hope my drawers look as good as that at the end of the month!

    You've reminded me on how much progress I need to make in my basement, too. Here's to hoping it's a productive month for us both!

  2. I have some work to do in my basement this month.

  3. I've been spring cleaning to . My problem is though I feel like I'm going to make someone mad if I rid of something or I think I'll use it later. Got to get over that hump!

  4. Yep - I just saw my toe nails & thought sandal season is coming soon! Time to get these babies looking presentable again

  5. Great job on your February goals - and good luck with March. Holiday things tend to be more fun with kids around, so that's great you were able to decorate for Easter. I mostly leave my toes alone in the winter, but I really need to paint my's been forever.


  6. LMAO @ your pedicure comments. I hear you though. I have a grater I keep in the shower. Works wonders at the end of a hot shower. Then I lotion up and put socks on. My biggest goal for the month is to be in bed, lights out by 10:15. I like being up at 5:30 and the only way to do that is an earlier bed time.

  7. Your spice cabinet looks amazing.
    I've heard a few bloggers mention a no spend month and I was keen to do it in March (or at least spend more mindfully).
    I love pedicures - in winter I try have super bright shades which I know is hidden in socks and shoes but I know they are there :)

  8. I asked for a pedicure for an early birthday gift, and even though I’m the only one who really sees my feet right now, it was delightful. Too bad the nail polish came off after two days. I’m a little bitter.

  9. i've been doing the writing down every single thing i spend money on and it's certainly eye opening lol. i hope you're doing well with your march goals even though march has been insane!


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