March 4, 2020


Fixing. To keep my nails painted. I've been obsessed with the idea of white nail polish for awhile but never tried it. I see it on others and like it a lot. I got this one the other day (Essie Marshmallow)  and it's good so far. Also, bought a new topcoat for the first time since...2015? Who knows.

Hearing. A friend in Alaska called me last week to tell me that a former coworker there had passed away unexpectedly. This is probably the hardest part of military life, for sure: Not being able to see family and friends regularly and be there in case you don't get to see them again.

Even though I learned so much about her in the years we worked together, I had no idea she was born in Laramie, Wyoming, which is the same place Wells was born. What are the odds, right?

Borrowing. Books from the library. I am somewhat anxious to ever go back to storytime though, as I'm convinced that's where we caught a stomach bug two weeks ago.

Right now, I have these two and I'm really not feeling either of them.

I'm not in a nonfiction mood, so I've been reading The Dilemma by B.A. Paris.

Feeling. Anxious for spring. Spring is actually my least favorite season. My reasons are many, but it seems like we've not had a hard winter here at all. It's been more rain than snow. Every time I log onto social media, I see my friends in Colorado Springs have another snow day. Here, that's not the case. Temperatures haven't been that cold and it's really just muddy all the time. I'm probably going to switch out to our spring/summer bedding this week and pack up the flannels.

Recommending.  Podcasts. Always podcasts! I spent last weekend trimming down my subscriptions and finding a new one to try out.

Also, recommending an Instagram break. It's really good for your mood to just stay off of Instagram for a few days, you know?

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  1. I, too, love a 'real' winter. I grew up near Buffalo, NY, so when we get a light winter I just can't embrace spring! And about that nail polish...I love just about anything with 'marshmallow' in the name :)

  2. I'm always worried if we don't get a hard winter here, the bugs will be ten times worse in the spring/summer.

  3. I am a podcast addict as well! And I am looking forward to spring - my least favorite season too. I think I am just so done with this mediocre winter. Lol. It's been very gray and wet where I am, not very wintry at all. :(

  4. I love white polish in the summer. I can't stand spring. Here, it just means rain. But I'm also itching to swap my closet.

  5. I really wanted at least one big snow, but who knows? I guess it could still happen. It's been cold and rainy here too though. Ugh.

    I'm sorry to hear about your old coworker. That must be tough to hear things about that when you're no longer living somewhere.

    Ooh love the white nail polish. :)


  6. I got to listen to all the Love is Blind stuff you sent my way. I found the Afterbuzz one for each episode - I'm going to listen to those tomorrow at work :)

  7. I'm always looking for new podcast recommendations! Excited to check that out. And ugh, the bugs that are going around town here... makes me nervous to even leave the house! Always carrying hand sanitizer in my purse.

  8. I feel the same way about spring. I typically am not a fan, but this grey, weirdly warm and depressing winter has just about killed me.

  9. I'd love to keep my nails painted...but even with that top coat I still chip them, then they become a hassle!

  10. We had snow once all winter and it didn't even settle! It's felt like spring is already here for weeks now. Today it's been raining all day long.

  11. White nail polish - that looks interesting! I always do my toes...but haven't done my fingernails for ages. I've been thinking this summer would be a good time to change that!!

  12. I am taking an Instagram break for Lent. I do this every year, and it's so refreshing. White nail polish is so fresh for spring. Have a great weekend!


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