March 27, 2020

Extremely gruntled + Funnies

Because no one likes a complainer, these are the things I'm definitely not disgruntled about.

1. I tried to order diapers from Target's website two weeks ago. They were sold out of all Target brand diapers and then I had to buy Luvs. Luvs are diapers for people who don't expect anything from their diaper purchase. They don't work. I don't trust them for more than 2 hours. So I had to add a box of Huggies Overnight diapers to the order. I would never even attempt to use a Luv diaper overnight. I've learned that the hard way. Luvs also run small. I've tried every brand of diapers on this kid. I'm not even that picky and I certainly don't look to buy expensive diapers. The ranking is as follows, best to worst:

1. Huggies Overnight
2. Most types of Huggies
3. Up & Up (Target)
4. Parents' Choice (Walmart)
9. Pampers

83. Luvs

2. I feel like there's a difference between the phrases "quarantining" and "social distancing". Isn't the first meaning you're exposed or sick and must be kept apart? Whereas social distancing is just purposely keeping distance but you haven't been exposed? We're using them interchangeably and that's bothering me.

3. I cannot understand why the store is still sold out of toilet paper. I think Walmart is doing the literal best they can to keep everything on the shelves. I wasn't even looking to buy any; the point here is that, usually, I'm anti-People of Walmart and don't like the memes that make fun of people in grocery stores and whatnot. But if you are stockpiling toilet paper, you need to be internet-shamed. Some people can only buy week to week. I don't know why this is so hard to understand.

4. Wells' Stride Rite shoes started to fall apart about a month ago. The decorative thread started falling off. My mom noticed. I didn't. He'd had them since the beginning of February. We went to SR. They didn't have the shoes in stock so they ordered a new pair for him. They called me a few days later to say they didn't have the blue that he had, but could get him brown. I said sure. They called a few days later to say the brown were ready to pick up. I went to pick them up. They asked, after I got there, where the blue ones were because I needed to send them back to the company. I didn't have them with me. No one ever explicitly said "You need to bring these back to get the new shoes". Obviously, it makes sense, but no one actually told me that. So I left SR without new shoes and said I'd come back. That was on a Friday. Then, coronavirus hit. They called on Monday and said they were closing down on Wednesday so I could pick them up on Tuesday. I said, "Great, I'll be in tomorrow morning". I got there on Tuesday morning. They were already closed down with a sign on the door saying they were closed until further notice.
Wells is still wearing his blue shoes and I expect it to stay that way until further notice.

Is it Friday? (Does it matter?)


  1. Omg that plague meme LOL! And gah I would be so frustrated about Well's shoes! It's little things like that, that make me totally write off a company. Like, don't make my life more difficult.

  2. I ordered my dog food 2 weeks ago & still dont have it... I REALLLLY dont want to change up the dogs food... talk about a toilet paper crisis

  3. I'm attempting my first grocery order this week. Since majority of STL/Missouri isn't listening to the stay put orders, I know I won't find anything in the store so hopefully this online way is better luck.

  4. It's so funny how different everyone's diaper preferences are. I HATE Huggies and feel like Holden leaks out of them too much. We almost exclusively use the Aldi brand Little Journey. I think Pampers are the best at preventing leaks, but they're way too expensive. We like the Aldi ones for the most part. The Target ones are good too, but I don't get there often enough, so Aldi it is!

    This was way too long of a comment about diapers. Who am I?! lol


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