March 25, 2020

5 Things Making Life Easier This Week

I was planning on writing a real post today about my thoughts on homeschooling. Nope. Maybe next week. I exhausted myself by taking a nap and making dinner yesterday. Also, I've been hit with allergies and maybe someday it will stop raining. 

The bar is low for any expectations.

1. Daniel Tiger. I am so grateful for Daniel Tiger. It's not annoying and he learns from it.

2. Not reading the news. Stop reading the news, guys. Please. You're making it harder than it has to be. Staying informed is important. Watching 24 hour news with a "death ticker" on it or watching White House press conferences or refreshing your local news' website all the time isn't worth it. Just do a scan of whatever outlet you follow once or twice a day. Also, it benefits you to cross-check information against a few different outlets if something seems off. Don't take news reporting to be gospel. Please.

3. Not being on Facebook. I deactivated weeks ago for Lent. Like the 24/7 news cycle, it's really beneficial not to be reading the downward spiral on there. It's just not worth it when your mental health is, probably, teetering, so if you feel bad after being on FB, just get off of it.

4. Crime Junkie podcast. I recommended this a few weeks ago after a friend recommended it to me. It's really nice to just get lost in stories. I listen while I do all the household tasks. I 100% paid to be a Patreon subscriber and I will 100% unsubscribe after I listen to all the bonus episodes.
AirPods are also saving my life right now.

5. Better Call Saul. Every night, Scott sits at the table with his computer and does a copious amount of work and I sit in the living room and watch Better Call Saul. It's an arrangement. Then he watches The Walking Dead before he goes to sleep and I just can't with that anymore so I go to bed. So we've almost adjusted to him being home more.

Can you recommend a book? I'm in a reading rut. I've read a few good books this last month but I'm currently reading two and just don't feel like it. I want something that pulls me in...


  1. Oh I wish I had some books to recommend but all the ones I've gotten have been ruts too! My coworker fuels herself with the news on 24/7 now at work so I don't watch it at home. I may check it before bed but otherwise nope, its my way of trying to calm down from it all.

  2. I totally have learned that the news just cranks up my anxiety something fierce. I've learned to watch one nightly news broadcast & then its back off

  3. Caleb was a big Daniel Tiger fan too. He stopped watching it a few months ago for no real reason, but now I miss it when he's playing more obnoxious things lol.


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