December 5, 2019

Currently {a *late* link-up} 12/5

Apparently I can't keep up with any link-ups this week!
For real though. I had a plan for this week. Like a plan, in which I had something to do (not on the blog, but in life) each day and it all got pushed around and rescheduled, so my whole week fell apart and caused me a lot of anxiety in the meantime.

Sometimes, all I have are my plans for the little things because I can't control the big things and this is why I get so upset about little things, like not being home for naptime, because I intentionally plan "nap time" into my daily schedule.

Anyway. I never miss this link-up. Here we are. A day late.

Enjoying.... Noelle.

This was adorable and hilarious. I mean, I laughed out loud more than I ever expected. The comedic timing (in a G-rated movie) was amazing. Highly recommend.
I was also thrilled to see it on Disney+ because it looks like something that would go to theaters first (and easily could've) but I'm glad they're putting marketing strategies to use on a platform I'm currently streaming for free.

Baking... I made this pumpkin bread the other day and it was so easy and came out perfectly. I added walnuts. Also, I really made it because I had extra cream cheese frosting in the fridge. I still have extra cream cheese frosting in the fridge so I'll be making this pumpkin bread again before the weekend. Seriously. So easy.

And I'm going to be making sugar cookies this weekend. The plan ("plan") is to bake them and freeze them and I'll decorate them maybe next week.

Lighting... Wells' own little Christmas tree. It has his personalized ornaments on it.

This tree is what I bought in 2009 because I didn't have a tree. It was in my classroom for a few years. I used it as round-the-year decoration in my living room for a few years. Then it was our tree last year because we moved the week after Christmas. Now it's his this year. Next year, who knows?

Sending... or rather, NOT sending. Since we are doing Christmas with both of our families this year, I don't have to spend $150 on postage! Also, under the category of "not sending", I still haven't done Christmas cards. Eventually.

Enjoying... more TV! 'Tis the season, I suppose.
We've been watching The Mandalorian. Very good.
Remember in 2017 when I committed to watching all of the Star Wars movies? I had never watched any of them before that.  We saw one in the theater in December 2016 and a student was constantly talking to me about Star Wars and I became a little obsessed with the timeline and how it all fit together? Well, I've since forgotten all of that, so maybe it's time for a rewatching party. I had never watched any of them before that. Now, I can see why The Mandalorian is so good.

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  1. Yours is the first review of Noelle I've seen, so now I'm excited to watch it this weekend. We watched the first episode of The Mandalorian, but haven't gotten back to it yet. I love your idea of a Christmas tree just for your son. Maybe next year I can do that too.

  2. Definitely understand the planning of little things! My anxiety is very similar and it has been kicked up this week. My LO just got a small tree for her room this year, so cute!

  3. Making sugar cookies at the holidays is my favorite! To find enough time to do them, I often make them early, freeze, and then pull them back out when I'm ready to decorate :)

    Hope you enjoy the season!

  4. I cant wait to see that movie - Ricky & I made a deal to watch it together but sitting down at the same time seems to be a challenge

  5. womp, i don't have disney+ and i don't *really* want it. but maybe i'll try it to watch that noelle movie. i also over plan/worry about the little things because i can't control the big things. i think it's normal-ish.

  6. Oh my gosh, his tree looks so cute and I love that it's all his own special ornaments!

  7. That little Christmas tree is really cool! I love Christmas movies, but mostly just rewatch old ones every year. Noelle looks really cute--that's cool that you can get Disney+ for free for a while...I would probably at least trial it out for a bit if they bring it over here.


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