December 2, 2019

Random Monday Catch-up


That was a failure.

I meant to blog last week but I left for my parents' house on Wednesday with Wells and that's always an undertaking. I got real lucky this time and he slept the whole way (almost 3 hours) because I intentionally took him to Toddler Time to tire him out in the morning. Scott followed on Thursday with the dogs because he had to work on Wednesday.

We headed back to Pittsburgh on Saturday because there was a winter storm watch on Saturday night into Sunday. Pittsburgh was supposed to be fine, but everywhere else was to be a mess. Oddly grateful that we didn't get hammered with snow and ice!

I do always take my computer if I'm gone for more than one night and I meant to get some blog posts together for the end of last week and this week and then...I always end up reading all the back editions of the local newspaper that my parents keep in a recycling pile instead. It's weird.

But here's some random catch-ups...

 This episode, that I listened to on Saturday, goes over actual documented history not of the first Thanksgiving but of the relationship between Massasoit and the Pilgrims. Start around 18 minutes and go to about 32 minutes. I liked that he pointed out that there was real political strategy/maneuvering between all of the tribes. And Squanto's history is fascinating. 

I posted this about a book I realllllly didn't get the hype over...and so many of you DM'd me to say you agreed! Whew! I'll talk more in my books post next week, I suppose.

Last week, I wanted treat bags and pom-poms. I could find none on Amazon (that I liked). I went to Michael's since it was a Sunday because it's two miles away and the website said this store had what I wanted in stock. Nope. None of it. And I couldn't even find an employee to ask.
I was super annoyed because I had packed up Wells and gone through the whole "going-out" process for nothing (he's been realllllly fighting the carseat lately).
 Then I went to Hobby Lobby first thing Monday morning. 
Lesson learned. Just wait for Monday and go to Hobby Lobby.

I try to give him freedom but I always come back to creating a pen with this play-yard. I just need to know he's safe while I do dishes or cook dinner or whatever. (I know that's expensive, but it was worth every penny. Just wait for a 20% off coupon. It's invaluable and doesn't look like a dog pen, which is my complaint about most play-yards.)

There's plenty to explore when we go to my parents' house.

It's so funny to see him interact with babies. These two are 10 months apart and should be able to really the time we move away. Sigh. 

Another podcast! This was good. The last 20 minutes of the episode are important. 

I bought exactly two things this weekend for myself (actually I only bought two things this weekend). If you look at the times, you'll see that I bought them while lying in bed, on my phone. Because technology is wonderful. 

I bought a Naked palette for half-off 3 years ago and have used only that for eye shadow ever since. I figured it was time for some new colors. Also, trying some new lipstick. 

These fleeces have been popping up everywhere and all I wear are comfy clothes. They were out of mediums in this color and I like things loose, so we'll see. The entire store was half-off so I have to try it.


He has two firetrucks and he likes to drive them around the house and try to sit on them.

Scott's birthday was last week and he wanted "nothing", but I think he's supposed to be ordering new dog collars that have GPS this week. However, his "gift" was a new set of wedding rings. We've gone through multiple sets of silicone rings in the last 4 years. He loses them constantly. Luckily it's like $10 for four. His real ring has been lost and found more than once, so it stays home now. 

Happy to be home? He's such a toddler these days. So many emotions and he can't talk so I can't tell what he wants at least half the time. He did just run around happily while I unpacked on Saturday, after only three days away, rediscovering all of his toys and was perfectly pleasant until bedtime. 

Tomorrow: December goals.


  1. That Relatable podcast... she is very much against the norm you hear everywhere else, isnt she?
    I use those bags at Hobby Lobby for most things I can. They hold up well under the tree & so much easier than wrapping!

  2. Keith is on ring #3 which is why when we hit 10 years I said he should get me my 2nd band because of many reasons haha!

    I kinda forgot about the blog world last week also. Oh well! To be completely honest I feel like lots are leaving it.


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