July 14, 2019

The Bachelorette: Hometowns

I thought Peter's date was cute and successful for him. I liked his family a lot.

Tyler's date was...fine? I feel like there's such an opportunistic aura around Tyler. 

Luke's date was boring but his family was nice. 

You know how Jed called Luke a scumbag (or something) at the end? Luke isn't there to make a name for himself as a "musician", Jed. 

It was so blatantly and kind of pathetically obvious that Jed was there for only one reason (and not the right reason). 
His family was also about as unpleasant as you could possibly be on a hometown date and we have to know that it's probably because they'd already met his girlfriend of a few months ago. AND they seemed very sold on the idea of Jed being famous. I'm really confused about this. He's not good at the music thing. 
Speaking of the music thing: being told I had to write and sing and record a song on a hometown date (uh, or any date at all) would be my nightmare. I hated teaching poetry to kids because coming up with words that rhymed stressed me out. Also, I can't sing. I mean, physically, I can and I've had to in the past many times, but I shouldn't. And Jed is a perfect example of just because you can sing, doesn't mean you should.

Jed's mom is all of us with her reaction to Hannah/Jed/this show.

AND how hilarious would it have been if Haley (Jed's girlfriend) had been there at Jed's house?

And here we are: This show is like an episode of The Office lately. Like on Beach Day. There's no rules. A gold star, a smiley face, etc. This is a point system with no actual consequences.

You don't want to choose 3 guys? Sure, you can have all 4. 

I think Jed had a really poor reaction to getting that last rose. 

Prediction: Luke and Jed go home tomorrow night. Peter wins, Tyler becomes the Bachelor and everyone continues to love him and I'll still have no idea why.


  1. I'm keeping my mouth shut because I went ahead & read Reality Steve because this year is just junk to me....
    Wouldnt that have been HILARIOUS if the girlfriend was like in the back shot of every scene of them :) LOL
    I loved Peter's dad & Tyler's dad. I just want them in my life.

  2. Jeds mom made me laugh with her no hes not ready. That would have been the perfect time and it would gave been filmed.

  3. Oh man hometowns were a drag! Tyler's felt so odd and forced, like he didn't actually know what to do with her. Peter's family is obviously the best and his brother is adorable!!


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