July 16, 2019

Summer Weekend #4 (a day late)

The big thing we did over the weekend was have Wells' first birthday party at our house. I'll have that post, with his one year update, tomorrow if you're into that kind of thing.

So that was Saturday.

Sunday, I woke up feeling hungover, but that was just exhaustion and whatnot, I'm sure.

However, we were home for a Sunday and I had someone to take care of Wells (Scott), so I went to kickboxing. It was fine, but I was tired. I'm actually starting to notice something about this LA Fitness. People are not friendly. I've belonged to multiple gyms in the last 10 years and I've never not had an instructor introduce herself or himself to the new people in the class. I've been to probably 20 classes in the last 5 months and I've never exchanged even a "hello" with an instructor. I suppose *I* could do it? But I don't think they care. When I complained to Scott, he said I would probably be better at instructing, as in You've been talking about missing work, why don't you do this instead? but I have no desire to teach fitness anymore. The messages about it out there are too mixed and unhelpful and unhealthy. My point was that even at an army gym where you. go. for. free., instructors make it a point to talk to you. I'm still Facebook and Instagram friends with instructors I've gone to in other states.

Moving on...

Wells played with his new toys.

And talked to the dog. 

And then Scott took the dogs out for the day.

While I got to work cleaning everything.

I'm actually impressed with myself. Usually after we have people over or do something like this (you know, the handful of times), I get manic about getting everything "back to normal". But I went to bed on Saturday night with a dirty house and actually managed to relax and catch up on online reading during nap time on Sunday before I really dug into it. 

New toys I haven't set up yet. As soon as he can walk (he takes a few toddles here and there), he's going to be unstoppable on these things. 

After nap time, I took Wells to Verizon with me. Scott's phone started smoking and died on Saturday. It was a Google Pixel and had never actually worked all that well. The last straw was, I'm guessing, when Wells threw it in the dogs' water dish last week and it definitely got water inside of it. (I'm personally concerned with how this was able to happen in the first place, as I wasn't home.)

Scott had gone to Cricket Wireless on Saturday night and bought a new phone with a new plan and a new number, so I needed to go cancel his old one, since the Pixel was officially dead and is now paid off anyway. His number had belonged to a woman in Wyoming who had died and had constant debt collectors calling her, so I think he was done with that too. 

Verizon told me, super unhelpfully, that they weren't actually able to remove a number from my account in their store and I needed to call a number to do that. 

So I sat in the parking lot and called the number so I could go back into the store if it didn't work. (It did work.)

Then we slathered on the sunscreen and played for a bit. The sun, unfortunately, hits the patio in the evening so anytime before 5pm is the best time to play.

I finished this book on Sunday night. It was good. 

Also, we're still eating leftovers from the party. 

It's already Tuesday???


  1. I'm sure Scott played a part in wells and the water with the phone ;) he probably just wanted a new phone ha

  2. What a weekend. You survived a first birthday party AND a cell phone store - kudos to you!!!

  3. Can’t wait for party details! Also, Bachelorette was so good!

  4. Looks like he really got into the first birthday cake!!! Perfect photo! Cyrus just kinda poked at his piece of cake and wasn't too interested. Missed opportunity.


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