May 7, 2019

Pro Tips

Here's some tips and tricks I've been using lately...

+Bioterra. My cousin was the only person I ever went to for haircuts and highlights before I moved to Alaska. She told me that Sally's Beauty Supply has a knock-off version of Biolage and I've been buying it ever since. I got away from it in Colorado because I don't even know where the nearest Sally's was, but we had one right near us in Alaska and now, here, there's one right next to our post office.
Bioterra is half the price of Biolage and, from trying both, it's identical.

+ Diaper boxes are perfect for storing/moving books. They're the best size because it's not so big that the box will be impossibly heavy if it's full. And they have built-in handles.

I have a ton more books to load up, but I'm just collecting more boxes at this point. I'll tape them up and stack them and they'll be ready to move again. In our last house, we had a ton of bookshelves so I really have nowhere to put the books we have but don't need/read right now. 

+I clean the bathroom while Wells is in the tub. Not every day, but it's 10 minutes of time where he likes to splash around and I don't leave the room, so I usually wipe down the fixtures, clean the toilet, wipe the walls/shelves of the shower, and wipe down and organize the sink.

+Give your stuffed animals to your kids.
Most of my stuffed animals I had as a child are still at my parents' house. However, apparently, as late as my early 20s, I was fond of buying stuffed animals at gift shops. I had a few in a box that has moved with us for the last 10 years. Since I'm using this time in Pittsburgh to sort through every single thing we own...I pulled them out, cut all the tags off, and gave them to Wells. What exactly was I planning on doing with a stuffed penguin from the St. Louis Zoo anyway? Stuffed animals are meant to be played with and storing them away is a waste of space.

These are just some tips I've gathered in the last month or so. "Life hacks", if you will, but "Pro Tips" sounds less millenial, right?


  1. Isnt that the truth - let kids love & hug on those stuffed animals. Better than being piled in a box or on a shelf where its just a dust catcher!
    Gotta make note of that shampoo

  2. I've had pretty much a lifelong dislike of stuffed animals (I have no idea why, just never took to them)...but Cyrus has been given 4 over his first year of life. He ignores them entirely but I'll hold onto them for a while in case he ever shows interest. But what interests me is that all four of them, while given randomly by different people, are all green: 2 green crocodiles, one green dinosaur, and 1 Minnie Mouse in a green dress. Apparently "green" is our unintentional theme for stuffed animals.

  3. Oh my kid, if I'm blessed to have one, will have so many books and animals its unreal.

  4. I am totally getting the shampoo and conditioner! I love that you clean the bathroom while Wells is in the tub. That's some great multitasking!


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