May 9, 2019


Yes, "com"fessions. Because that's how I typed the title when I was tired and that's how I'm going to leave it. Because this is a confessions post.

1. I was more than a little put out by the fact that I had to spend Wells' morning nap trying to figure out what was wrong with my Kindle. All my books disappeared and I had to set it up from the factory settings. I still have no idea what happened. During nap times, I have a list of things I like to accomplish and I was willing to trade off some of those things in order to read for a bit yesterday (because the book was that good), and instead I ended up trouble-shooting for 45 minutes.

2. The amount I could possibly care about baseball is so minuscule that I don't even try to pretend. The same goes for basketball and March Madness.

3. I often think about Friday blog posts, in blogland, as just weekly shill of what you should buy and here's-my-affiliate-links. For the billionth time, I don't care if you use affiliate links. I legitimately have looked into it and just haven't gotten to it yet. But do not build a post around them. I like to see what you buy and like and enjoy. Do not build a weekly (predictable by the day of the week) post around them. It's dumb and lazy. Stop it.

4. Speaking of lazy...Scott often says that he's just waiting for me to come home from a dog walk with seven fines from the local township "police". I follow none of the rules of walking dogs. Whatever. Dogs weren't meant to be walked. They were meant to run and hunt.

5. I hate the color lilac. I don't even have a reason. It's just so specific and it's everywhere this time of year. Light pink? Okay, sure. Light purple? Never.

6. I will never give up my GapFit Breathe Maternity shirts. In fact, I might order more. Everyone should own one and my three are getting to be pretty threadbare.

7. I'm seriously judging my home state these days: Having been used to living out west, things are just...different there. The other night I got a pedicure and the middle-aged women in the salon giggled for several minutes over the idea of "marijuana". And I had forgotten just how illegal everything in the world is here. I also feel like I'm allowed to judge the crap out of Pennsylvania for the next year because I'm from here and it's not even being mean and unfair.

8. My parents bought Wells a walker and, while he is absolutely wicked with it and has no control in the house and I don't like that, there's nothing for him to hit on the patio and he has more space so it's become an outdoor toy (this probably isn't really a confession...this is just what we did last night).

Anything to "com"fess? 

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  1. I side-eye the fact that alcohol is so damn hard to buy in this stupid state. Get with it PA.

  2. Wells in that walker.. OH MY GOSH - so cute.
    I'd just panic if My kindle lost everything. I've been doing hardback from the library lately & I need to charge up my Kindle - I know I'm probably ruining the battery by letting it die.
    Speaking of Friday posts... I never affiliate anything- I just dont dig that... but I'm always on the hunt for just cool things. My Friday favorites is more a wish list ;) haha Or like a glorified blog-Pinterest :) haha

  3. I am not a fan of the affiliate posts either, they feel to contrived. I don't mind the use of the links but the posts around them always feel super fake

  4. I got laughed at for ordering/buying water several times in your lovely state so giggling about marijuana seems right. Maybe PA is in a bubble, ha!


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