May 1, 2019

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Admiring: my new Old Navy shorts. I actually regretted getting the pink color as soon as I paid for them. But I already have all the neutral colors from previous years. I told myself that, with shorts, it's good to buy something I *don't* have and I just gave away my old coral shorts (I bet they would fit now, but I was not feeling the idea of trying to fit into them again back in September when I cleaned out all my bins of clothes while prepping to pack/move). 

Playing: HBO. This is a long story and I'll write more about that for tomorrow. 

If you know of any must-watch HBO shows right now, let me know! I haven't really watched it since True Blood ended. We're watching the Adnan Sayed miniseries on there right now. 

Borrowing: From our own boxes of baby things in the basement....

Wells is doing spectacularly terrible when it comes to sleep these days and I've always blamed it on the fact that he's already got 8 teeth and number 9 isn't far away and the crying in pain and stuffing of the sleepsack into his mouth all night are the norm for us.  I give him Motrin when it's really bad but try not to do that every day. Until the last several weeks, he wouldn't actually put anything in his mouth, other than a bottle we held or a blanket to chew on. I think this is why he never took to a pacifier; it's just not his thing. Now that he'll chew on whatever he can find, I dug out a pacifier from a Laramie baby box, thinking maybe it would help. I understand this is intentional regression of some sort, but we're getting desperate. He kind of chewed on it for a bit and eventually went to sleep, so maybe it'll just be a comforting toy for him to sleep with/play with at night. He has no interest in it as an actual pacifier. 

Advice for prospective parents: Buy one pacifier. We have a dozen and some have never been opened. 

Remembering: when we lived in a place where it didn't rain every day. Pennsylvania is slightly awful. I'm convinced that, after this winter (and the 23 consecutive winters I spent here), if you can ignore November, December, January, February, March, and April, the other months might be okay. 

Finishing: a book and taking it back to the library 9 days late. Usually, I get a reminder email with 3 days left on my borrowing time. Not this time. 

And what's new with me...

What's New With You

I apologize that just about all of this is baby-related. That's life right now. I mean, I don't apologize, but if you're here looking for something else, this ain't it. 

After Wells measured 19 pounds and 28 inches at his 9 month appointment, I figured it was time to get a convertible carseat. His infant seat had a 25 pound weight limit but the height limit is 29 inches, and I knew he'd eventually be more comfortable in a bigger one. I'd stopped hauling the infant one around months ago and was basically treating it as a convertible anyway. (Side note: I've seen multiple moms of 7, 8, 9 month olds hauling those things around. No. I pretty much stopped at the 6 month mark unless there was a very good reason.)

I bought a mid-range one, price-wise.  It was much harder to choose with this, as the infant ones are pretty much all created equal. 

His favorite things include: empty shampoo bottle, springy doorstop. 

And paws.

He completely took off at his playgroup last week. 

He's regularly pulling up, but not standing quite yet. 

We've been trying to take in bits and pieces of Pittsburgh, but it's always a weather-permitting kind of situation. 
Also, I'm realizing that no matter how tired you are, it's so much easier to be out of the house than at the house if the baby is wide awake and you just want to take three Motrin P.Ms and wake up in 36 hours. 

He's the youngest baby in the group and the only one who's not standing, but he pounds on the door like everyone else does anyway. 

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  1. I saw that those shorts are on sale for $10 today so I may go grab a pair in a color since I already have a linen-color and navy. I thought Big Little Lies was really well done on HBO and I knew then end from reading the book. I liked the Adnan thing more than I anticipated.

  2. I love the color of those shorts!!!! They'll be perfect with a neutral shirt.
    I try to keep my library visits on friday so I know every 4th friday, its time to take my stuff back. Luckily, the library also sends out an email reminder - but I can see where it would be easy to delete it with all the junk email.

  3. those shorts are super cute - i love the colour though i am definitely more of a neutral girl myself. i have tried colours, like coral, but nope. not my jam. i am always returning library books late. oops.

  4. PA native here (though now living in Hawaii) and I can SO SYMPATHIZE with the weather situation being less than ideal. Some years I felt like the rain would never freaking end!!! I hope it gets sunny soon :)

  5. Aww, poor guy - hope the teething and sleeping situation improves! And we've got that rain situation going in Michigan too - it's nice to get out of the house when possible though... I still tackle things with that same attitude even now that my kid is 5 :)

  6. I felt much the same about the rain situation in the UK. It sounds silly but it just became far too depressing year on year. Sorry to hear about the teething and the lack of sleeping, I hope he (and you!) gets some relief soon.

    Wells pounding on the door to get out of playgroup is a mood :D

  7. I would not like constant rain either , but I guess that way you at least know where you stand. The weather here has been crazy! Easter weekend was stunning - I wore a summer dress without even a cardigan - then three days later I dug my winter coat back out because I was freezing. I can't cope with these constant changes !

  8. My friend sent me those shorts yesterday to check out

  9. Yes, great tip with the pacifiers! Caleb absolutely loved them and didn't stop using one until he was 3, but Holden has ZERO interest and never has!

  10. We're on the other side of the state and it's just as terrible weather wise :) I grew up here so I'm pretty used to it by now. Love all the baby pictures!

  11. I bought the same shorts. I like them and bought the olive and chambray too. I tried a similar one and they were just too short for me. I liked Eleanor. It was different, but in the end it was a good story. She seriously reminded me of Sheldon Cooper with some Lisbeth Salander.

  12. every kid is different with pacis - kayla hated it and never took; she preferred her thumb but only at night. a couple of sucks and she'd be out.

    the teething stage is awful; poor kiddos. when it got bad for kayla, i did give her meds and f*ck everyone who ragged on me for it. hey, when *sharp* teeth are busting through your gums, you want relief. kids are no different and feel the same amount of pain.


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