April 29, 2019

Diaper Bag review (completely unsponsored)

The two little straps are for attaching to a stroller, but I don't use them. 

I don't want to say I love this diaper bag because it's a diaper bag and, to be honest, I've refused to spend boatloads of money (more than $50) on a diaper bag because...it's a diaper bag. I could never feel about this the way I feel about certain purses in general.

I do think if you spend $200-300 on a diaper bag right out of the gate...like, before the baby arrives...you are wasting money. Buy something cheaper, in a style you like, and then get something more expensive down the road. In my case, I didn't even use a diaper bag for months. I just kept one stocked up in the car and stuck a bottle and blankie in my purse when we went places because it was all he needed. If he needed a diaper change, those supplies were in the car. We also weren't out on all-day excursions when he was really little either, though, and I do know that if I'd been packing him up to take to daycare, I'd have gotten more use out of a diaper bag in general those first several months.

So, that being said...

I don't love this bag because it's just a diaper bag. But I do like it a lot.

I got navy blue because I usually choose navy blue if given the opportunity. It has all gold accents which are fine. I think it'd look great in black or gray too, which are the other options.

I use this back little zipper pocket for gum and chapstick. 
The bottom zipper pocket goes into the bottom of the main compartment...I'm sure there's a reason for this, funcionality-wise, but I don't use it. 
The straps are a great size/fit. It feels like I'm just carrying a laptop bag or something, not a big, bulky diaper bag. 

I love that it has two side pockets. They're a bit small for water bottles, but my 32 oz. Hydroflask easily fits inside, even with all the other items you see below. I use the side pockets for my phone and keys. 

Diaper clutch, wallet, snacks for Wells, and a clutch I used to keep in my Longchamp to catch all the little items I didn't want floating around and getting lost. Lotion, medicine, chapstick, etc. 
There's pockets the whole way around and I'm pleased to say I haven't become frustrated by searching for anything yet. There's also an attached lanyard for keys. 
This bag also has a steel frame (or a metal one at least) and completely holds its shape. Meaning, I don't become frustrated trying to hold it open or wrestle it closed. 

Three insulated bottle pockets plus a mesh pocket.
It easily fits three 8 oz. bottles. 

The only thing I would 100% change is that I would make the front pocket for bottle storage have two zippers so they can meet in the middle. Because it can be a little bulky and difficult to close if it has 3 bottles plus a snack in it.

I've been using this for about two weeks now and I'm definitely satisfied with it. And...it was only $31.99! Plus it had a 5% off coupon to clip at checkout. I will say that it appears that the black one is $31.99 now and the navy is $37.99. Either way, not a huge difference.

I don't know how long I'll use this one for, but having a functional, easy-to-use diaper bag really helps with the day to day. We took it out for the whole day yesterday and had success, so that was the true test. I still keep our other diaper bag in the car with extra clothes, blankets, etc. I read a great tip about keeping full outfit changes in gallon ziploc bags and then putting the dirty or wet clothes in the ziplock bag to transport. Which is a genius idea, and now I keep three sets in the car and have certainly made use of them.

Any diaper bag hacks to share? 

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  1. I have 3 friends that use that diaper bag & they love it. I think its a stylish version. I remember all the pastel BIG BULKY hideous looking diaper bags of years past. They've come a long way!


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