March 8, 2019

Friday things. Recommendations needed!

1. I got a wreath for the yellow door. An improvement? I didn't look very hard because browsing stores in a new city is tough with a baby. It's from Hobby Lobby. I can always put it somewhere else, I guess. I thought about just a cutesy Easter one from Wal-Mart (because I couldn't find one anywhere else) but I'm terrible at remembering to switch out decorations this time of year so I never decorate between January and September.

2. I need a face moisturizer recommendation. Amazon's selection is completely and totally overwhelming. 
I ended up getting this one at Target.

3. Jeans. I've tossed around the idea of Madewell jeans for years. I bought two pairs of AE jeans in September and while they're comfy and stretchy, they're too big now and I'm constantly hiking them up. I need a go-to pair and think the investment might be worth it because I really only need one pair. Also, I've spent a total of $55 on clothes so far in 2019, so I think I can justify it.

4. I'm trying to decide what I want to do for Wells' nursery (nursery #2, that is) and I found some cute things in Hobby Lobby but I don't want to commit until I get his name sign ordered from an Etsy shop and see how it looks. However...I was looking at the boys' themes in Hobby Lobby and I feel like I can't decide for him. I don't want to hang up baseball or football or camping things because I don't know if he'll like those things. Animals are a safe bet, which is what I have now, but I wanted to add to it. I don't want to choose a theme when he'll want to change it in a few years when he actually has a preference. These are strange thoughts because I never really considered it before. Mostly I'm just doing nature tones and navy blue because I like those colors (Lord help us if he likes the colors red or orange, as I do not).

5. Any thoughts on The Bachelor and Colton? I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I like Colton. I just like him. He seems like a good guy who's there for the right reasons and I have so much respect for how he handled himself this week.

Also, Chris Harrison chasing down Colton was the way I looked and sounded when I thought Scout got out of the yard a few weeks ago (he was locked in the basement...Scout, not Colton).

It really might be the most dramatic finale ever. Like, for real this time.


  1. It was FO REAL the most dramatic moment... any moment that can make Chris Harrison throw the F word - yeahhh
    LOVING your wreath!!!!

  2. Love the wreath!

    Not loving colton that much but it's not bad. You heard who the bachelorette is right?

  3. The wreath is so pretty! We've kept Mason's room pretty neutral for similar reasons-- blue accent pieces because I like the color and then I've just been adding things I like more than going with a theme. My favorite moisturizer is the belif moisturizing bomb-- I've been using it day and night in the winter since my skin is super dry. I tried a sample of one of the Beauty Counter moisturizers, and I liked it fine, but not enough to purchase the full-size (at least right now).

  4. The wreath is gorgeous! Really good choice :)

  5. I think the wreath looks great!! I also like the yellow door though so you might not be able to trust my judgment LOL

  6. I love that wreath! It really is perfect for that color door.


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