February 27, 2019

T.V Favorites and T.V. Lately

I love T.V.

I heard the Oscars were on over the weekend.

I didn't watch. But I also didn't watch any of the movies that were nominated. And I also haven't watched a movie in awhile.

I don't really like movies.

But I found this documentary on Netflix about the 2000s. It is called, appropriately, The 2000s. The first two episodes were all about the T.V. landscape starting in the year 2000.

First, I came across the shows that were a little before my time and I just kind of missed.

The Sopranos, for instance. I know people will go back and watch it now, but it just seems like it's been too long. I don't have an attachment to any actors on the show and I don't have a deep-seeded desire to go that far back in time, to be honest.

Six Feet Under. My old principal recommended this after he and I talked about Dexter, once upon a time. He said how much he liked it and said Michael C. Hall was so great in it. I remember I watched one or two episodes after that and it just didn't pull me in. And, again, I don't know if I'm now willing to go that far back in time.

The Wire. Everyone recommends this. We watched maybe half of season one last year? It wasn't bad at all and I know I could restart or keep going. Again...it's that back-in-time thing. I'm really terrible at getting into shows that started before I was able to understand what they were about.

Shows I saw on the The 2000s that may just be my favorite ever.

Breaking Bad. This is just so brilliant. There's nothing else I can say. It's such a story. If you haven't watched, you need to (which is what I know everyone will tell me about The Wire). I think Scott and I could say this is our favorite show, having watched all of it together.

Mad Men. Oh how I loved this. It was beautiful to watch. The last season was an eyeroll, though.

Dexter. They didn't give enough time to discussing True Blood and, as much as I loved that show, it totally jumped the shark at the end. The first 3 seasons were perfection, though. With Dexter, the last season was the actual worst, but the first several seasons were also perfection. They did a comparison of the anti-hero in Dexter, and the anti-hero Nancy Botwin in Weeds. I definitely recommend Weeds.

Friday Night Lights. I don't know that a show has ever made me feel as good as FNL. I didn't watch in real time because I was in college then and had "things to do" in the days before Netflix and DVR. But I binged the entire series more than once in 2014 and again every year after that. It's a wise investment of time. It was taken off of Netflix, but is on Amazon if you have Prime.

And then the next two episodes of The 2000s were about politics. Though, I was reminded of the greatness of George W. Bush.

What am I watching lately?
We just caught up on The Resident and that's kind of a big deal because I haven't held this type of interest in a new show in a long time. I really recommend it if you like not just medical shows but dramatic shows. It's very twisty and I like that.
I thought about going back to catch up on New Amsterdam but the thought pales in comparison to The Resident. The same with A Million Little Things.
Also, I'm watching The Bachelor, but that's more of a hobby I follow along with than a show I'd recommend.
I watched Tidying Up and I have thoughts on that I'll share at a later time.
I started You, quickly lost interest and was reminded of how much I disliked the book, and Scott finished it, completely pulled into the story.

What would you recommend?


  1. I haven't seen any episodes of any of those ... not sure if that puts me way behind times or what. Of course, the 2000s was a busy decade for me. Most of my TV watching then was PBS-Kids or DVDs of The Wiggles and Disney cartoons. I just finished binging The Handmaid's Tale and 11/22/63 and currently watching the rest of Great British Baking Show. I don't have cable or a DVR so if something is on regular TV, it's very hit or miss if I catch an episode two weeks in a row. Streatming is just easier for me - but bad on the time-suck.

  2. You've been quiet this season of The Bachelor!! hmmmm.... I'm trying to read a lot into that & wondering why? :) haha
    I just started watching The Sopranos... since they made a big deal about the ending everywhere - I feel good wathcing it knowing Tony doesnt die :) haha

  3. Friday Night LIghts will forever be my favorite. I loved Breaking Bad too!

  4. I don't like movies either! Well I mean, I don't hate movies, but I'll pretty much always choose a TV show over a movie when scrolling through Netflix. I am totally going to watch The 2000's! I just watched a documentary that was super similar on the 90's.

  5. I just went on a girlfriend weekend and my girlfriend talked about Game of Thrones nonstop. I told her it was a tie on if she talked about GOT or her kids more.
    Breaking Bad was still the most awesome show ever. I was telling her I need to do a rewatch but idk, there is so much to watch out there. The Bachelor sucks. They need to mix that tired thing up.

  6. I just finished the 2000s and I loved it!!! I usually stick to netflix for shows and they usually don't disappoint.

  7. Love love love new Amsterdam & a million little things. Kinda done with this is us. I want to start the good doctor but just haven't yet

  8. I was addicted to True Blood when it was airing. I actually binge-watched YOU and am super ready for the next season. I'm also ready for The Handmaid's Tale to come back with another season. I've been watching The Bachelor too. How crazy has this season been?!!


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