September 13, 2018

Stuff and Things 9/13 +BIP Thoughts.

+God bless this man and this video. The instructions Fisher-Price managed to put together for their auto rock and play (no doubt written by someone who doesn't speak English) are not quite user-friendly. I think they were originally written in Chinese (where the product most likely comes from), were translated to Spanish, and then were translated to English.

+I mentioned last week that I joined a gym here. Since my window of when I can go to the gym is dependent on Scott's class schedule, that leaves me with usually the 6am class as my option. So I do voluntarily get up to go to the gym at 6am but, guys, this is a Pilates class that I can attend 2-3 days a week. With a real Pilates instructor. And with reformers. Do you know how much those classes at a studio would cost? At least $20 a piece. Here, they're included in my $40/month membership. I need to eventually start doing some more intensive cardio, just because it makes a person feel good and all, but that's not this week. I also would really like to do the barre classes (that are also included), but Scott has class during those time slots. This is a whole new learning experience, trying to arrange for someone to be with the baby and fit schedules together. (Again, this is why, in a place where we don't know anyone or have childcare options, I'm not working.)

+Speaking of getting up early, I will also get up unreasonably early to make sure the dogs get a good hike in before it gets too warm.

+Yesterday was vaccination day.


I'd been looking forward to Wells getting his vaccinations since I was pregnant. In particular, I remember one of my students (almost gleefully) telling me how his brother had scarlet fever and at the time I was 20 weeks pregnant. My thought was Okay, your desk is now moving to the back of the room and Can they vaccinate in-utero? While there's not a vaccination for scarlet fever, the point is that I've hated the idea of him being unprotected against communicable diseases. Obviously I don't like watching him get shots and I hate knowing that he feels bad afterward, but it's for a good cause (coming from me, who has given herself many, many shots...shots are always for a good cause).


I'm just so ready for this to be over with, so here's a few thoughts. I did watch, but I haven't listened to/read up on public opinion very much this week. 

+The Jordan/Jenna thing. But if you listened to Here to Make Friends last week, Nick called it. Also, Jordan has such a squad of fans now. Jenna is the 100% villain.

+I think Annaliese bothered me more in Monday night's episode than she has up to that point. Just stop talking about getting engaged. Kamil has dead eyes and wants nothing to do with her, until he's sitting next to her and then he'll say something nice (but his eyes are still dead) and she'll take that as the Word of the Lord and then tell the camera she's ready for marriage and babies with Kamil. It's ridiculous.

In her defense, he was a tool and she handled it well. Obviously she came out of this with the support of Bachelor nation and he will be ex-communicated (did anyone there ever like him in the first place???).

+Also, Krystal and Chris seem so ridiculously happy together that I can't help but root for them. 



  1. Aw, poor little guy, but I'm glad he's got his vaccinations now and you can feel a bit better. I'm sure coordinating schedules is really tough but that's awesome there's an early enough class that you enjoy, and a great monthly price for the gym!


  2. I never thought I'd root for Chris & Krystal in anything in life - yet here I am :) haha
    Jordan... ahhh - my poor Zoolander love. I feel so bad for him!!!!!!!!
    & Annaliese. I still dont feel bad for her. She's just so DESPERATE - what did she expect? & I'm still all, "Who is Kamil?" haha
    Glad your little cutie is all vaccinated up against the big bad world!

  3. I am very much looking forward to Cyrus having all of his baby vaccinations done. They give one shot every month here, and we have just one more appointment left before he's done until after one year old. All the kids I work with know that the rule about Cyrus is no touching his head or hands and no kissing and no breathing too close to him. We've had many lessons on the spreading of germs...

  4. When I started this new job I told myself I could get up early, get the gym in and be done for the day...uh huh...hasn't happened!

  5. He looks so little compared to the pacifier. So adorable!


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