August 9, 2018

Final Bachelorette Thoughts + Paradise

I knew who the final guy would be because it's almost impossible to not be spoiled when it comes to this show. Granted, I've only watched for about 3 years now, but reading about it can take up an enormous amount of free time. It's just absolute nothingness when it comes down to it and I appreciate that and gladly use my free time to dive into Bachelor canon and build my stash of absolutely worthless knowledge.

I think it makes me more well-rounded, to be honest.

That being said, I have been less than invested in this season. I just didn't care? I like Becca. I didn't really see anything wrong with the selection of guys (some people said they thought she got a bad crop. Sexual assault convictions aside, she did a decent job of weeding them out.) I think I was just preoccupied and busy and stressed out and this seemed trivial.

But in the interest of attempting to be "well-rounded", I'll explain my thoughts on the finale.

1. I thought Garrett sounded so ridiculously sincere when he was talking about Becca after their final date. It wasn't the typical "I love you and the person you are" crap that we've seen from so many who proclaim their love toward the end of the season. He just sounded so real when he was talking about how he loved her midwestern accent.

2. Speaking of, does Blake have a strange accent? I think he does. I hate when these people say "you're my person" and he indeed said that. Did I feel bad for him? ABSOLUTELY. It was very hard to watch. Becca handled it as gracefully as one could...and I was glad she hadn't told him she loved him.

3.  I reallllllllly appreciated that Becca went into this not telling anyone she loved them and that she intentionally planned to tell the one person she said yes to, even if she had those feelings for both of them. It was like she had thought about the consequences of her actions before she made a mistake or something remarkable like that.

4. I thought Becca and Garrett looked so, so happy in the ATFR. It seemed so genuine and real and I *think* they'll be really happy together. It was a complete turnaround from Nick/Vanessa and Jordan/JoJo (even though those two are still together). Rachel was on the Bachelor Party podcast talking about how she wished she'd been given an edit on the finale that was more about the relationship with Bryan than about the breakup with Peter. If they'd edited that last episode differently last year, I bet we'd all felt differently about her and Bryan. I do actually think they'll last and get married and whatever, but she did mention (in another podcast) that he was modeling now and that's just annoying. You're like 38, Bryan. Keep being a chiropractor, please.

5. I thought that the excitement about Paradise was more about how people were over the fact that Becca picked Garrett and they wanted to move on. I wasn't excited about Paradise because the group of people are so fame-hungry that it's embarrassing to watch.

But here's 5 mini-thoughts on what I saw the other day...

a. Colton. Colton. Colton. Colton. Colllllllllllton.

b. I enjoyed Jordan's intro of chopping up the plastic chicken.

c. Bibiana is trying too hard.

d. Tia is clearly the new darling of the franchise.

e. JadeandTannerCarlyandEvanJadeandTannerCarlyandEvan. Let it go, Chris Harrison.

Thoughts and feelings about this oh-so-important topic?

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