August 17, 2018

5 Friday Things (from last weekend) + BIP

Last Thursday, I drove to Colorado and knew I'd be without internet and didn't know when I'd be back in Wyoming. So I had a few posts scheduled for this week. Scott and I ended up driving back together on Sunday night. It was my 3rd long car ride with a baby and Scott's first. Wells turns a 3.5 hour drive into a 5-6 hour drive pretty easily. Usually, I've discovered, he needs to be fed twice and changed once. 

The dogs were very patient. 

Scott bribed them with treats from a gas station.

We went out on Saturday night, to one of our favorite pho places in Colorado Springs. It's in a not-great part of town, so Wells got to see his first drug deal and we all got to see our first prostitute pick-up. 

(no pictures of that)

The way he acts when I take him into a public restroom cracks me up. He sits in the Ergo, folds his hands, and just looks around with his lips pursed. Also, people are infinitely nicer to you when you're carrying a baby around. They'll even hold doors open for you and smile at you in Denver.

This month's book link-up was not my finest showing, but I did start reading In High Cotton over the weekend. We'll see how long it takes me to finish it. 

After this week, Colton should be the Bachelor. He is coming off as an absolute Prince Charming and I thought Becca coming back was cruel and unusual in the worst way. I just wanted to give him a hug. 

And this guy can just go away:

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