June 18, 2018

Weekend Dog Pictures 6/18

 Another weekend gone. I'm fine with that, though. This is the weirdest thing I may have ever said: I'm not a huge weekend fan. I always feel a sense of relief on Mondays, when business can resume as usual. Sure, it was always hard during the school year but, right now, weekends are for working on the house in Colorado (Scott there, me in Wyoming) and that's harder than going to work if you ask me.

Here's some dog pictures:

We noticed Jett was missing some fur off of his chin and wondered what had happened. Then, we remembered how he had jumped out of the truck and face-planted onto the sidewalk the week before. I don't know what's worse: us not checking him out when that happened, or me being one-on-one with Jett for a week and not noticing.

They chose a quite inconvenient nap spot while I was trying to cook and bake on Saturday.

My favorite trail because it has two bathrooms on the 3-4 mile stretch. 

I'm not sure what this was about. 

Scout really hates being just with me on the weekends. 

This week...I have 4 appointments (nails, doctor, vet, some class at the hospital) over 3 days. I also need to try to get a library card  here because I got word that my Colorado Springs one is expiring (who has heard of such a thing???). Also, just trying to check things off the baby checklist...which seems to involve picking up a lot of random items at the store and hanging a lot of things on the walls. 

Other than that, I'm just trying to keep up with organizing a new life in a new town and with my workouts (which now have to happen in the morning or I feel way too heartburn-y at the end of the day).

Scout tries his best to get in my way and usually sploots down, dramatically, on my mat as soon as I attempt to start yoga or Pilates. 

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