June 20, 2018

End-of-spring grievances

Let's end spring officially by airing it all out, okay? These are some things that have bothered me lately.

+June 21st is my favorite because it means that the longest day of the year has arrived and now the days are getting shorter and I love when the days start to get shorter. I realize this is the minority opinion. I've never been on the "days are getting longer so yay!" train.

+I get really annoyed when people talk about how tired they are, but don't drink caffeine. Like, you can't say you're exhausted, your kids are wearing you out, and you are struggling at work...and then say you only drink tea or something like every other day. There is a solution to this problem and you're making it harder than it has to be. Even if you hate coffee or don't like the effects of caffeine, you've got to make a choice.

+I came up with this non-negotiable: the dogs are not to be left alone in the Colorado house while we go somewhere. I'm not dealing with even the slightest potential of not being able to get them if there were to be another fire. I will take the inconvenience over the alternative. So, one of us stays with them or they go with us, whether it's to Lowe's (really, the only place we go in Colorado Springs anymore) or whatever.

+I forgot to mention our NINE YEAR anniversary on social media. Does it even count if I didn't write prose about being married for another year? Anyway, this was the first anniversary we'd actually been together for since 2013...He has missed every single Colorado anniversary.
Scott did ask if I wanted to go out to dinner but there was high-fire danger and I was like nope. He said he completely understood.

+I wanted to say "I can't deal with entitled people" but I think that "entitled" doesn't look the same for everyone. For me, I notice "entitled" as being someone who can work hard but still assume that the world (and everyone in it) owes them for simply existing. Like, everyone else's agenda should still be in second place to your own, lest you be slightly inconvenienced. I think that the hallmark of this type of entitled involves airing your thoughts on said inconveniences on social media. I can't even explain how many people have inconvenienced us (Scott and I) in the last year and what they've done...and I WON'T (though, it'd make for highly entertaining blogging) because I don't want to appear as that type of person. First world problems are common with this type of entitlement but the person doesn't usually recognize that they are first world problems. It's an issue of being tone-deaf and, quite honestly, unprofessional.

+I think that any military member would tell you that they will gladly fight for someone's right to a peaceful protest or the ability to speak freely. However, you cannot pretend that you are exempt from the consequences of those freedoms. I think the most ironic part of this article is what I highlighted:

If you are being colluded against, the organization has the right to do that in the same way you have the right to blast the organization. It goes both ways, and I understand that this seems to be an unpopular opinion. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

Whew. Spring is over, summer is here, fall is coming, and it feels good to get that all out.

Name a grievance, any grievance. 

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