May 11, 2018

Weekly Wins

Taking a page from Jenn's blog and rounding up some weekly wins. While life isn't perfect and things are pressing down on us, here's a list of what I'm grateful for this week.

1. Half day at work today for me and no students. We have some things to do in Wyoming this weekend before gearing up for the last full week of school.

2. I found this dresser/changing table and ordered it the other night.

3. I went to the base to order my medical records to take to my new doctor/hospital in Wyoming. Just being able to switch my insurance and find a civilian doctor somewhat seamlessly is a HUGE win and I was able to get a 32 week appointment there in two weeks. But going to the hospital to attempt to get my records was a stressor. I had gotten them two years ago to take to the IVF clinic and that wasn't simple either. It's the last 9 years, essentially, of medical records. I went to the counter and the guy was not nice. Then, he saw that we were living in Laramie and he became chatty. It turned out that he grew up on the street our house is on. Then he was super friendly and easy to work with, but still told me it could take up to 2 weeks to get my records and if I don't have them by 6 weeks, I should call. That didn't exactly sound convenient or promising. (One might say, why didn't you order your records sooner? Well, I needed them to be updated with my most recent bloodwork and shots so there were no questions about what I had done and what I hadn't.)

Imagine my surprise when the email showed up the NEXT day! I was able to email them to my new doctor. They wanted a hard copy but I couldn't physically print 383 pages. This is just my doctors' visits since I've gotten married into the military. It doesn't even include IVF because that was at a separate/non-insurance-covered doctor.

4. I got this dress last week for $8 (EIGHT DOLLARS). I ended up buying two, in two different colors and two different sizes. Both actually fit just fine right now (and I don't even think the sizes are really differentiated), but I'm hoping they'll be easy post-baby wear.

5. I also bought these sneakers. I ordered them online and they fit better than any I've tried on in years, so that's a win.

In other news, I'm exhausted and my hair needs to be highlighted so desperately that I can barely look at it (but I don't have 90 minutes to throw at that on a weeknight). Also, I'm pretty sure my hair has stopped growing over the last few months: the complete opposite of what those prenatals are supposed to do for a person.

At least it's Friday.


  1. Insurance & medical stuff just makes me instantly break out in a panic attack. It's always the worst to deal with. Nothing is ever easy.
    Enjoy your weekend & your MOMMA'S DAY!!!!! <3

  2. Ugh to medical stuff .it should all be universal!

  3. I will never understand why medical records are so difficult to get.

    I know people say a changing table isn't necessary but I loved having one.

  4. I love that changing table!!! The color is awesome.

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  6. The changing table is adorable and I'm glad you were able to get your medical records quickly! TriCare to civilian doctors can be a transition.


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