May 14, 2018

Another half and half weekend.

On Friday, I drove to Wyoming with a car full of stuff and things and that was an awful drive. I was tired, probably slightly dehydrated, and the start and stop traffic made me horribly carsick.

I went there, instead of Scott coming to Colorado, because it was graduation weekend and the ROTC cadets he'd been working with all year were commissioning. While he's not part of the ROTC cadre at the university, he goes to their training sessions and goes to their retreats, etc. He commissioned almost 10 years ago, but this, oddly, didn't make me feel old. Most of the cadets were 22-23 and already seemed to be married.

Afterward, we went out for drinks (ha ha) with the other ROTC instructors. Staying out until 11pm was something I hadn't done since probably last summer. Also, I'm not used to going places that aren't work or the grocery store so it took a certain amount of energy that, let's face it, I do not have these days.

Before all of that though, we worked on putting baby things together and organizing the house and we also walked the dogs and whatnot. I LOVE living in a town again. It's so convenient. You don't have to plan your day around a Wal-Mart run. While no house or no town is perfect, the people we met on Saturday night love Laramie so I think we can easily make this our home for the next several months.

Our to-do list seems to be something we can almost keep up with now. Instead of adding items constantly, we're slowly keeping up with the influx and that feels better that it did over the last couple of months. This is, almost literally, what things have felt like since August:

However, the prospect of a Monday is still hard because it makes me feel like the to-do list just starts all over again.

Anyway, on Sunday, we both went back to Colorado, and started repacking, prepping, and planning for another week. Including finishing the basement ceiling (Scott) and painting the shutters (me).

 I have 6 full days with kids left, 2 half days, and then 1 teacher day. Since I'll (and you'll) not likely see one of these again, here you are:


  1. HAHA - I'll miss the kids little drawings & sentences.
    That start & stop in traffic KILLLLLLLS me every time. I'll sometimes just pull over or off the highway & sit until its clear. I'd rather sit in my car & wait till it moves instead of the stop/go actions. I'm getting sick thinking of it.

  2. Kid drawings are the best. Haha.
    I'm so glad you're almost done with the back & forth of it all. And with teaching.
    The very idea of staying out until 11pm makes me tired. I don't know how you did it, honestly.

  3. Yay for putting baby things together!!! :) It made everything seem real for us when we did that.

  4. Yay the school year is almost over!!!
    We went to a wedding dinner last month and got back after 11 and the next Angel was like, "I don't think we can do late nights anymore."


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