May 23, 2018

Currently...5/23 cream. I've had horrible reflux for the last two weeks. It doesn't matter what I eat/drink or when. I always have Tums around. I immediately regretted the concrete mixer I ordered from Culver's the other night simply because I figured that much of any one food would make me terribly sick. Of course, I ate it all. And then that was the first night I didn't have any sort of heartburn. This was because of all the calcium in the dairy and it makes me wonder if I should just be eating more ice cream. It was really pleasant not to wake up at 2:00am and need a Tums. However, it wasn't like this was my first ice cream in the last month..I think just the vast quantity of 700 calories at once of dairy is what caused me to OD on calcium. I can't exactly make that a regular thing. (Well, we'll see.)

Searching for...pens. We have like two in this house. I have my favorite pens and, when they run out of ink (because I use them until they die), I throw them away. Well, I'm out, aside from one green one. And I've packed up the rest of our office supplies to be organized in Wyoming. I literally went through every pen/pencil/marker I had at home and at school: I threw away what was garbage and put the ones I didn't like in my prize box at school...the kids really liked some of the old ballpoint ones of Scott's....and packed up the ones I wanted to keep. All this to say, we have a pen shortage when I'm trying to make lists.

Making...lists. I have separate post-its on a clipboard containing lists for various things/locations/tasks.

Still looking...for a glider. I was thinking this one? Suggestions are w-e-l-c-o-m-e.

Also, our kitchen table will not be fitting in our new home. We have a bar, so I think we'll be just utilizing that...I was eyeing up barstools (have been since Christmas, really, as the ones that came with the house are awful) but I might just get these ones. Honestly, we're *those* people who usually just eat dinner while watching TV on the couch.

Watching...nothing really. Scott watches all the new shows on Hulu and Netflix and is always suggesting things. I just have no attention span these days. Most recently, he watched Safe on Netflix. Michael C. Hall was a draw, but not so much that I could sit through all 8 episodes.
I started the second season of 13 Reasons Why. It's fine, I guess. It's just over-the-top dramatic. I have big plans to watch the second season of Riverdale and fourth of Jane the Virgin.

Reading....I did read two books in the last week, and I'm making my way through a third.

And that's mid-week. 


  1. I never finished the first season of 13 reasons why ... Thinking I should, ha!

  2. I just started reading Wolf Hollow. My sister brought a ton of books for kids from the USA and I'm trying to read them all over the summer, haha!

  3. Oh my gosh! I swear pens keep disappearing in our house and it's so frustrating!

  4. At this point I would happily classify ice cream as medicinal, and take a daily dose. Any excuse!

  5. We are those people eating dinner on the couch too.

  6. We are also the people who eat dinner on the couch, and we are also often now feeding bites to our baby from our plates while he runs around and plays with his toys. haha
    I have limited time for TV watching these days, but the good news is that I have a bunch saved up on the DVR, so I actually will have a lot to catch up on during the summer! (I essentially have an entire season of Once Upon a Time to watch. I started the season, and I don't really like it. BUT now that it is the final season--why they decided to keep it going when half of the cast quit, I'll never know--but I feel like I need to see how it all wraps up.
    And I say, eat all the d*mn ice cream you want. Being pregnant is the one excuse you have to do it! haha :)


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