April 23, 2018


This is how I felt most of last week:

It was a rough week, physically and mentally. I didn't even throw in the whole almost-7-months-pregnant thing because that seemed overkill, and why wouldn't I be at this stage of pregnancy when all of this is occurring? Because that's the kind of weird luck I have. 
(Something I was thankful for included that all the baby gifts we've received so far were already at the Wyoming house.)
Not that there was any kind of physical lifting/hauling/putting out fires that I had to do or wasn't physically able to do...I just hauled a few boxes and bags to and from the car a few times. But I definitely felt that I was off my routine. Plus, I was on my own. This was the week I felt the distance between here and Scott and the dogs the most. 

And when you throw in the fact that I teach all day, I can't exactly tell 9 year olds the worries and fears that I'm carrying around. Which was why it was in everyone's best interest that I just took a day off. 
Pretending, for them, is tiring. 

I also stayed off of social media most of last week because it's really hard to stomach social media when you're going through something tough or out of your control. 

ANYWAY. Onto a new week. It's a week that will present its own challenges and snafus, but at least last week's over. Normally, I cope with this type of PCS stress with unhealthy amounts of moscato and caffeine. Since that's not an option currently, I'm doing a lot of yoga and a lot of reading. 

This is a tried and true military-wife strategy.

For Mondays in the classroom.


  1. When I am having a particularly rough time emotionally or mentally I have to take a mental health day. I teach 6-9 year olds and they can't understand that I am having a bad mental day..it is too hard so I just have to remove myself.

  2. Glad you were able to take a day off just to not have to pretend. that's exhausting.
    & hoping this week is much easier on you
    & also - I cant believe your 7 months already _ WOWWWWW - time is flying!

  3. Red Foreman... well said.. I've been feeling like that a lot recently too. Good for you for taking a day for yourself. Sometimes you just need it! I took one last week too!

  4. I hear ya about PCS stress! No matter how hard you try to avoid it, it happens.

  5. Being pregnant definitely amplifies everything a million times. Normal coping mechanisms just don't work.

  6. Pretending is tiring.
    Listen, I am here if you just need to rant/ramble/vent/chat.
    I mean that. Sometimes you just need to vent to an unbiased/uninvolved person.
    I hope things improve quickly. But, believe me when I say I feel your pain. I have no idea what you're going through, but I get going through hell because we're there too. And it beepin sucks. *hugs*


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