April 25, 2018

Confessions (mostly things I hate), 4/25

1. I think most of Modern Mrs. Darcy's recommendations that she/they/the LLC says I "have" to read are terrible. I've DNF'd sooooo many of them. Plus, she'll say that Educated didn't blow her away, but she'll go on and on about books I couldn't stand. Plus, she pushes paleo meal-planning and meal kit boxes in all of her ads and I can't get behind that.

2. I hate Alexa. It's stupid. Scott uses this thing all the time. I don't.

3. Scott is really into recycling and composting. When he's not around, I just throw everything in the trash.

4. Beyonce is dumb. I don't know why anyone really cares about what she does.

5. If you can't post links in your blog post to open up a new window (instead of directing me away from your page if I click on the link), I don't know what to say to you.

6. I hate Chris Brown so much, but I also hate that I will always find his music enjoyable. I also have a weird penchant for Flo Rida and Pitbull.

7. And as I fall down the hole of Youtube music videos, I'll admit it took me over two years to realize that Joe Jonas is the lead singer of DNCE.


I don't hate that I have a 3 1/2-day weekend coming up. I'm thinking I might do some baby shopping and get a few things for his room.

While I won't have a wooden plank wall (since we'll be moving when he's six months old), I plan on getting one of these big letters:

Also, I need a pedicure.


  1. I am learning to hate my Alexa ... I need to look to see if its set on a setting of DUMB because honestly, EVERYTHING we ask, it says, "I dont know that"... & then I pull up my phone & ask google & i get answers immediately.

  2. I oddly agree with a lot of these. I find a lot of books that big blogger recommend to be not that great. I refuse to get Alexa. I'm not one for conspiracies, but I don't like the thought of that thing listening to everything. Totally agree on Beyonce and Chris Brown. I feel like I should hate all his music because of who he is, but I don't.

  3. I gave up on Modern Mrs. Darcy for the same reasons you did. For a while I was following way too many book blogs, so I made a rule that I had to like 5 of their recommendations to keep them. Lots of them didn't make the cut. (I also cut any blog who overuses the phrase ALL THE THINGS, which does not need to always be in caps, thankyouverymuch) I also can't stand Beyonce and think her "music" is crap. I actually get angry every time someone refers to her as a queen. Um, no.

  4. I use to like Alexa but lately she doesn't know much and if she's playing music she won't stop, even if you yell hard at her

  5. I don't mind Alexa, but I only use it for music, so it's not too bad. Isaiah renamed it "computer," though, which is funny but slightly annoying if we're watching a movie and someone says that word and Alexa says "Sorry, I didn't catch that..."

    I agree about Beyonce. I don't see the appeal. I don't like her music, it's not like she's some big music pioneer, and the way some people drool over her is weird. I did laugh at Michael Scott's "I am Beyonce, always" comment though.

  6. #3 cracked me up. In Michigan, we lived in the middle of nowhere and trash service was expensive so we dutifully separated out all paper and cardboard into what we called our "recycling" pile...and then had a big bonfire with it every couple months. I'm not sure that's what they meant by recycling....
    Our version of "composting" was throwing fruit and veggie scraps into the woods that are part of my family's land.

  7. I don't really get Alexa. Or any of the other listening bug... I mean smart home devices. Other than playing music, what do they actually do that's useful? I just don't see the need. I can still press buttons. It's not a big deal.

    I'm a bit of a recycling nerd. It makes me happy to move somewhere new with improved recycling abilities. Maybe I'm just a big hippy but to me it's important! They just started doing coin return for empty bottles here, I've been hoarding mine and I'm in line for dollars I tell you. Dollars!

  8. I don't get the appeal of Alexa or Beyonce. Two things I have zero interest in haha.

  9. I'm with you on needing a pedicure! I much rather that a blog post opens up in a new window with their links too. Beyonce does nothing for me.

  10. I agree on Modern Mrs. Darcy. We rarely see eye to eye on books. I also hate BeyoncĂ©. Truly can’t stand her. I want to scream when people refer to her as “queen.” She disgusts me.

  11. I totally agree on the Beyonce thing. I just don't get her. I don't think she's all the great, and she seems totally in to herself. I don't get the hero worship. Also, I like to throw everything away too. Here in Michigan they charge you 10 cents extra per soda can so that way you have to return them and get that money back. What is that sh*t? We didn't have that in Pennsylvania.


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