February 19, 2018

Monday Motivation...

I spent the weekend evenings watching the Olympics...mostly skiing and ice-dancing. I did some schoolwork. I walked the dogs a lot. We were coming off of a semi-rough week and hopefully this one will be better, but right now I have a very disgruntled Scout in front of me: Scott left for Laramie without him because this seemed like a good week to leave the pups in Colorado with me.

Anyway. If you need some motivation, here's something I find popping up again and again on my Pinterest homepage. Maybe it's on everyone's. Or maybe this graphic just seeks me out.

Tonight is going to be a dilemma: ice-dancing finals or The Bachelor? Ice-dancing will probably win. I became mildly obsessed with it after Vancouver in 2010. I had nothing to do that winter as I waited for deployment #1 to end (this week, 8 years ago) and watched the Olympics about 20 hours a day. I adore Tanith Belbin (uh, White).

Hope you have today off as well! (because how else would I be blogging at 8:20am?)


  1. I love ice dancing myself, but I've missed EVERY SINGLE event this year. I just have been so busy & forget the olympics are on. What is wrong with me????

  2. oooh totally forgot that I can watch the bachelor in real time tonight as i'm off from both jobs. thanks for the reminder! ;)

  3. I love ice dancing!!! That definitely has to win over The Bachelor!

  4. American Ice Dancing has gotten so good over the last decade! Who is your fave from the current teams? After watching last nigh I really enjoy Chock/Bates! Did you know Tanith and Charlie had a baby!?

  5. I love ice dancing and I am soooo happy that Canada won the gold!! ;) Hope you have a good week!


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