February 16, 2018

Febru-ARIE, Week 7

1. Somewhere between Paris and Tuscany, Lauren had a personality transplant because I saw her smile. But she's still barely trying...like half-awake, instead of half-asleep (if there's a difference).

When she told him she was falling in love with him (puhlease), I think Arie had to leave so he could go high-five himself and tell himself to calm down. He literally just wants a blonde a la Emily Maynard.

2. Jacqueline has no idea how right she is to just leave. Plus she's a brunette. She's at an automatic disadvantage.

3. Why is Seinne wearing a lacy napkin? And Arie should admit that he used to work at Pizza Hut, not just a pizza place. Also, on their night portion of the date, he literally looked like a grandpa and she looked like she was going to an awards show, clothes-wise. It was definitely time for her to leave.

I really don't have anything else to say at this point. This season should shake up in a few weeks but right now it's like white bread, oatmeal, and Lauren B. 

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  1. A shake up coming??? I cant wait - I've still held off on reading the spoilers - though I've sat at the web page like 4 times debating whether to scan down haha.
    I just dont get Lauren... NO PERSONALITY.. & then he's like, "i'm falling in love with you" - WHAT????????????? What are we missing?


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