December 19, 2017

Funny Tuesday.

Because it is Tuesday and I still have 3 school days until Christmas break (today, tomorrow, Thursday).

So here's a few funny things...

Clearly, I'm not a parenting expert, but I feel like my day job would be easier if the above weren't so true (leave all comments below). 

Finding great things on Twitter is a good use of time, right?

Does anyone else love this Shia LaBeouf video? I read up on why he made it, but the important part is that this is how I feel at work most days. 

It's not so much the caption, but the picture that cracks me up. 


  1. That cow one always makes me laugh!!!!

  2. That one about the bar in ND...LOLOL.

    I think Shia LaBeouf is on my top 10 most-hated celebrities list.

  3. Haha that last picture is great. My sister retweeted that story about the guy in the bar in North Dakota and it cracked me up. I laughed just as hard when I saw it here.


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