October 18, 2017

Wednesday Stuff and Things.

+While two 3-day weeks in a row with students are nice, it's confusing and I'm not getting much done.

+I decided to forego the blog post yesterday and reply to comments I haven't gotten to yet. I also deleted a bunch of emails because sometimes you just need a clean inbox and going back to Labor Day to reply to comments is a lot to handle. Do you think I ever answered all the comments and/or emails? No. No, I did not. 

+Also, I didn't know what to post about and was drawing a complete blank. 

+Scott came home on Friday for the weekend and then drove back to Laramie on Sunday night for a class he couldn't miss on Monday. He came back to Colorado on Monday afternoon in order to fix the furnace (we think, praise God, that it's fixed this time...he replaced every single part, one by one). Then he drove back to Laramie on Tuesday night. I'll meet him at the airport in Denver on Friday so we can fly to Pittsburgh. My friend (and dear coworker) is staying at our house with the dogs while we're going. I was going to board them again but she offered and I'd rather pay her to do that than pay a kennel to lock them up and feed them twice a day. I won't be back until late, late, late on Monday night and then I'll go straight to work on Tuesday. (If you feel stressed out reading all of that, I understand.)

+I finally got a dress for the above-mentioned trip, which is for a wedding. It came in the mail yesterday. If it hadn't show up or hadn't fit (J.Crew Factory), I'd be running to Target after school today.

They only have XL and XXL left but it was quite a bargain when I ordered it last week. I got what I got because it's supposed to be 70 degrees.  And, sure, yeah, maybe I was just procrastinating so I could check the forecast. 

+I don't know how this vegetarian thing is going. I had chicken twice in the last two weeks and then I had chicken sausage the other night. I'm really on the fence about it all. I have been mostly eating junk because #stress and all so I'm not getting a good read on how I feel.

+This is what the house looks like when we're (Scott is) working on a project. He also insists on turning on the overhead kitchen light for such tasks (the furnace is in the closet door to the left). I allow it because things get done when the overhead light is on.

+I dropped my green spinach smoothie all over this floor yesterday. It slipped and exploded and covered the entryway in green. I was late for work because I was scrubbing green off the ceiling before it stained. 

+Nice notes from kids are the best part of my day.

Tomorrow are parent conferences at school. Your thoughts and prayers are more than welcome.


  1. I was a vegetarian for a long time and I ate a ton of junk because I didn't bother to learn how to cook and chips are easier.

  2. That note... ahhhh...
    Oh man... there is nothing worse than something liquid slipping & crashing. you'll find green stuff on the strangest places. Splatters are legit crazy.
    I had to laugh at the vegetarian thing. You'll get the hang of it. ;)

  3. Sending lots of good thoughts for the parent/teacher conferences!

  4. confession: i don't respond to comments unless there's a question; instead, i go to the commenter's blog and leave a comment :)

  5. Good luck with all your logistics! And the parent conference. I hope the parents are as nice as that child! Children's compliments are the best. So straightforward!

  6. My house is always a grade-A disaster. We never seem to get any projects completely finished.

    Notes like that make the insanity of teaching (almost) totally worth it. Hope your conferences went well. We had a night of conferences last Monday and a night on Wednesday this week. #exhausting


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