October 16, 2017

Motivational Monday (is back)

I thought about writing out a laundry list of what we did over the weekend and what we tried to accomplish, did not accomplish, and had to re-evaluate what we were trying to do. These last few months have been nothing if not a lesson in adversity. So, no recap because that would just be depressing. Also, this week is looking to be a logistical nightmare. Therefore, let's bring back some Motivational Monday. Because really now...it's Monday, I barely slept, and we have a lot to do this week.

(I told Scott that they're going to start putting a picture of him next to the dictionary definition of adversity.)

Some good things: I didn't have any schoolwork to do this weekend because I worked so hard at accomplishing everything this past week or two. Penn State is #3 in the rankings. The Steelers won. The Broncos lost. It's going to be warm all week which means the (still) broken furnace isn't a huge deal for this moment in time.

Happy Monday and all. Here's to checking a few things off the to-do list each day!


  1. I saw a meme that said "I put "read a book" on my to do list so I feel accomplished". LOL i totally feel that.

  2. I just filled up my calendar with lots of check mark boxes... hoping they are all filled in by Sunday myself

  3. We are in the 70s this week finally!!

  4. Yay for warm weather this week! We were in the 40's this morning and it was not enjoyable.

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