June 27, 2017

Currently 6/27

Watching...this is so embarrassing: I found the Go Bayside podcast and then, after listening to mannnnnnny episodes, I decided to watch a few episodes of Saved by the Bell. It's all on Hulu. It's just as bad as it was when I was 6 years old. But boredom will make you do crazy things.

Reading...I don't feel like reading. Not at all. I've read like 9 books this month and I'm over it. I have the YA book Dreamland Burning that I'm making my way through and I like it but I don't have the patience to read right now. I also never finished The Dry because it is...dry.

Dustin Lynch's new album

Obsessed with...this website, Cult of Pedagogy. I've basically read the whole thing in the last few days. Also, Smart Classroom Management. I've found these posts and articles much more interesting than anything on my Kindle.

Cooking...Making this Greek Quinoa for dinner. It's a repeat so we liked it enough the first time that I wanted to make it again. I add roasted chickpeas though.

Laughing at...

Wearing...I finally bought some Converse a few weeks ago. I really love my Keds though. So much so that I want to buy another pair. Since I've been doing volunteer work and walking around a lot, these sneakers have created some really awful tan lines.


It drives me slightly insane to know that I can't give up teaching because I tend to spend my summer thinking about and creating for the next school year. (Spoiler alert: because we'll move in the next two years, I likely won't be working after this year.) Scott had fear in his eyes when I told him how bored I was the other day. Because what will I do after this? Maybe another location would give me new opportunities? I don't know. This is too deep for a "currently" post. 

What is *currently* happening with you?


  1. KEDS! i remember i used to have a pair back in the day...totally forgot about them :)

  2. I have ALWAYS been a KEDS fan... Love they are classic.
    I'm debating checking out that podcast because I know I'll fall down the wormhole

  3. I love KEDS, they are super comfortable!

  4. That is such cute stuff for your classroom! Saved By the Bell is a classic!

  5. Those signs are cute! I'm not sure if I could convert to Converse (although they are a super cute look) because I love Keds so much! Product of the 90s I guess. haha

  6. I love Converse! It's about time for me to buy a new black pair, they're almost worn out. I like Keds too but I'm more of a Vans Lo Pro girl (but they look almost identical).

  7. Do you own your own laminator? ;)

  8. When I'm bored, I look for volunteer opportunities!

    Converse absolutely destroy my feet.

  9. Thanks for this post Queader! Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..

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