May 19, 2017

Love. Like. Hate.

Love. It is Friday.

Yeah, I'm still watching New Girl. 

Like. This shampoo and conditioner. It has the best smell. In fact, I bought new bottles almost as soon as I realized I liked it, just in case I had trouble finding it again. I'm set til August at least.

I think it was $4 a bottle. 

Hate. We got a hail storm yesterday. I spent some time trying to save the plants. Fingers crossed. Our field trip is canceled today because it's cold and rainy. I would really not like a replay of 2015 (also, see here). Also, I tried Siggi's yogurt this week. Gag. Might as well buy plain Fage or Oikos and put your own fruit into it. That's a hate for sure. I couldn't eat it straight out of the container. I'm sure it'd be fine mixed up with fruit and craisins and some granola.

Fridayyyyy. Whew.


  1. Sam's has those bottles at one price for both fyi. I just got that minus the color option. I hope it lasts a long...long...time! I saw snow in Colorado, haha 😉 Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I saw snow too. I thought that was strange for May but maybe not in CO??? Hope your plants were saved!

  3. Surprised about the Siggi's because I just tried it a few weeks ago and I really like it! But I only did the vanilla and I have totally added my own berries every time. I got this super thick, almost custard-y yogurt from a coffee shop when I was in NY and have been hoping for a grocery store equivalent. This isn't that close, but I was happy to discover it in the process.

  4. Good to know about that yogurt. I see everyone IG'ing it.

  5. I really like that shampoo and conditioner as well! I'm impressed with it.

  6. Why WOULDN'T someone watch New Girl is what I'd like to know...

    That's really sad that the Siggi's is gross. I haven't tried it yet because nobody sells it here (I'm tired of saying that, are you tired of hearing it yet?) but it was on my radar for next time we're in Seattle. I wish they sold the Icelandic yogurt here that we actually had in Iceland. It's called Skyr and if you ever see it, snag it. Delicious and they have really good flavors.

  7. I am really glad it's Friday too! Sorry about the hail storm. That's awful. No hail here, but a lot of rain and random storms!


  8. it's long weekend for us and for once (in a long time), i dont have a deployment! going to enjoy some serious RnR.


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