May 21, 2015

Stuff and Things 5/21

+Someone was complaining about the moths on social media and someone else commented saying they "killed two" the day before.  Two?  That must be nice.  I smash them with my fist when I see them on the wall.  Sometimes I leave the moth guts there because there's just going to be another moth I kill in the same spot...why not just clean it all up once?...I'm not going to make more work for myself. And they don't smell or anything.  They're just big balls of dust.

+Why I didn't go to work on Tuesday.

I couldn't leave my property because the road was flooded.

That just meant I had a million and one things to do on Wednesday instead of just a million things.

+Here are my thoughts on Mad Men.  If you're not interested in this spoiler, scroll past the blue.  However, if you've been watching all along, you probably have already seen the finale.  If you haven't been watching, you won't understand my comments.  This is what I sent to a friend via email.

I am happy for Pete (though I kind of expected that plane to crash) and SO happy for Peggy and Stan.  
Sally's going to turn out all right.  I wanted Joan and Roger to end up together.  I wanted to see Megan again.  I can't believe they wasted part of the finale on Stephanie the hippie but I suppose they needed that to wrap up Don's story.  Though, I don't know how they could've ever wrapped up Don's story well.  Someone said once in an article that they'd have to kill him off for him to have closure.
Thoughts on Betty?  I miss the romance and sweetness of the first season, when she was a nice housewife.
I also wanted to know who ended up with Bobby and Gene.  
And what happened to Henry? He always seemed like a good guy who was just a victim of Betty.  
Also, after watching Entertainment Tonight, apparently it was inferred that Don is the one who came up with the idea of that Coke commercial based off of his experience at the hippie/yoga retreat.  I totally didn't put that together.  Does that mean he went back to advertising?  I took it to mean that he gave up that life and found peace elsewhere.  


  1. Ugh the moths. I don't know how you're dealing with it. And that television breakdown IS seriously interesting! Happy Thursday friend.

  2. Mad Men spoiler comments:
    -I absolutely believe he is behind the coke commercial. He went back to McCann with a big idea from his hippie retreat and they couldn't turn him out with that. Classic Draper. He will continue to self destruct and rise, self destruct and rise.
    -I hate Megan so I was glad to never see her again.
    -Fitting end for Betty who no one could ever imagine aging.
    -No care about Henry.
    -Ecstatic for Stan & Peggy. I love them.
    -I love Joan's ending.

    Flooded in and plague of moths. Sounds like end of days over there!

  3. That TV map is fascinating! It's hilarious and kind of frightening that FL's is Dexter. :D

  4. Interesting TV map...and for MO, I would have thought it was Branson Famous on that TruTV ;)

  5. The Pretneder takes place in Delaware? I had no idea. #themoreyouknow

    As the friend you sent that email to and the friend who totally forgot to respond, here's my thoughts:
    1. THRILLED Peggy and Stan wound up together.
    2. Happy for Pete, too.
    3. Don't really care about Roger but it made me smile to find out he left all that money to Kevin.
    4. Joan is a bad ass. I love her.
    5. Sally made me sad. Betty is just a cold hearted bitch but the final scene of her smoking was fascinating.
    6. Don is totally behind the Coke ad. He will never change and he needs advertising as much as he needs alcohol. He will never get it together but he will always be brilliant. Not sure which will be his downfall.

  6. That's interesting that they say Washington is most famous for Twin Peaks. I've never even seen that show. I would have thought it would be The Killing.

  7. Ha! Love that Dexter is the show for Florida! Makes sense since it's based in Miami. I'm in the Panhandle and LOVED that show!

  8. Haha definitely not surprised that Nevada has CSI for it's show. I guess it's a good thing I live in Louisiana because I love True Detective.

  9. That TV map is interesting but I live in Alabama and never even heard of the Hart of Dixie haha. So not entirely accurate. Those moths do not sound fun. I had to click the links because I was like moths?? What moths?? I hate bugs in general. Sometimes I leave a little behind to warn the others that it is a kill zone.

  10. That TV map is fascinating! Doesn't surprise me about FRIENDS in NY!


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