April 24, 2017

Currently. 4/24

Eating: Chipotle. (does the internet really need another picture of someone's Chipotle bowl?)

Reading: The usual list of 4 or more books.

Loving: That this is a 3 1/2 day week for me. I have half of today off and there's no school on Friday.

Buying: A PopSocket. Have you tried one? Mine should arrive this week.

Appreciating: My never-ending ability to multitask.

Watching: This is the look Scott gave me when he realized I was watching The Great British Bake-off for the second time through.

Succeeding: At making up my mind.

Failing: At making decisions. I think there's a difference between making up one's mind and making a decision. Making up your mind means knowing what you want. Making a decision means deciding between alternatives (right?).

Planning: On recommending Sportdog collars to you tomorrow for the Add It to My List link-up.

Laughing at:

^That'll be 47 seconds of your time well-spent.


  1. I love my Popsocket! It honestly helps keep my hands stable for pictures or talking on FaceTime! I'm so jealous when anyone gets to eat Chipotle. I miss it so much, haha.

  2. Thanks for mentioning and remembering the link-up! I saw Bre on Saturday and we are both like man... we haven't done or tried enough new stuff lately! I feel like you've mentioned some changes on the horizon so I hope you feel settled with your decision. And making up your mind. I use them interchangeably, but totally see how they can mean different things in certain contexts.

  3. I'm re-watching that show too hahaha! It just doesn't get old.

  4. Is that bake off show on Netflix or where? I want to see the original British one!

  5. Huh. That Popsocket thing looks interesting. It's like this phone case I wanted called Loopy.

  6. I'd rather see a picture of another Chipotle bowl than a unicorn drink from Starbucks - haha!


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