April 20, 2017

Confessions. (S&T 4/20)

Stuff, Things, etc.

The confessions edition of Stuff and Things. This comes around every other month or so...so here we go:

1. I only eat Italian ice in even numbers. I must always eat two. I never feel satisfied with just one. This is a problem. Also, I only eat the blue raspberry ones so Scott knows he's only to eat the watermelon ones. This is really weird behavior for a grown-up, I know.

2. I buy Italian ice so we don't eat tons of ice cream.

3. My favorite ice cream in the entire world is Grandma's Cake Batter from Tillamook. They stopped making it. I haven't had it in years and, though they do sell Tillamook in Colorado, they don't have the variety they had in Alaska. I still check the ice cream case every time I walk by one, just to check. However, I'm certain it doesn't exist anymore because it's not on the website.

4. When people write a blog post about nothing just so they can affiliate-link it to death, I don't understand their purpose and/or motivation. Nothing against making a few pennies from Amazon or Nordstrom, but have an author's purpose for your writing. It's important.

5. Also, when bloggers say they love "this dress" or "this shirt" and they just affiliate-link it to a shopstyle link and I can't see where it's from without clicking the link, I can't even handle it. That's baiting and it's not a way to make friends.

6. Maybe this should be a pet peeves post.

7. When dishes don't come out of the dishwasher clean, I put them back in for another round and expect different results.

8. Last week, I overslept for the first time in my adult life. I got up at 6:15 instead of 5:00am. Scott said Oh now you only have an hour to get ready instead of like 3 hours. Because I do get up 2+ hours before I have to leave the house.

9. I save all of my fortunes from Panda Express. I was having a really crappy day a month or so ago (hence the need to stop for dinner) and I got an empty fortune cookie.

10. I am one entire season behind on Once Upon a Time.

11. Not gonna lie: I feel incredibly disconnected from the internet right now. There's major upheaval in life in general and just the processing of it takes a lot, and blogging then takes a backseat. I'll be ready to chat you all up soon though because I think the best way to learn is by relating to others and maybe someone can relate to me.        #vagueblogover


  1. same here re: blogging and internet things taking a back seat. my work life is in shambles right now as we set to deploy sunday 12am (ugh, i hate deployments) but we're all crazy running around trying to close off last minute defects to get the systems ready. not that you needed to know all of that LOL

  2. I am so sad when they discontinue things I like. Then I spend my life searching for where I might get those things and they just don't exist anymore. I've been looking in cooler cases for mint snapple for years.

  3. I TOTALLY do the same thing with the dishwasher. Sometimes, there ARE different results just because of where the dish was positioned in the first place or what else might have been in the dish washer. Either way, it saves me from hand washing a dish most of the time. haha

  4. I'm sorry that you feel disconnected lately. Sending lots of hugs your way. If you need anything or just to vent let me know!

  5. #3-- YES. Hate that! When I see a blogger doing that, I stop following. Empty fortune cookies are such a disappointment, as well as the ones that don't actually have a fortune but something completely generic like "remember yesterday, but live for today." Lame. Also with you on the disconnection lately. I hope life settles down for you soon!

  6. i do not know what italian ice is lol. we all have our weird for a grown up behaviours. i get really mad if KC eats anything he should know not to. haha. the 'this dress' or 'this shirt' drives me bonkers if it's an affiliate link. if it's not, i don't mind, they are just sharing it without taking up the space of a picture as well or whatever. but affiliate links.. yeah no. sneaky sneaky.
    i absolutely do the same thing with the dishwasher.
    i am pretty sure i am 2 or 3 seasons behind on Once Upon A Time. One day i will watch again.

  7. #3 - I think you should write to the company!! On a related note, you NEED to try the Tillamook Lemonilla ice cream bars. They're ridiculously expensive (at least here they are) and you only get 3 in a box but they're SO good.

    The other #3 - YEP. I am not a fan of affiliate links.

    #5 - Ditto.

  8. I hate the affiliates-links-heavy posts, or the posts that end up having a sponsored message at the end. A couple of my old favorite blogs are nothing but sponsored stuff now. The blogger has no personality anymore. They're making money, good for them, but why should I take those recommendations if the blogger is being fake?

  9. Yep, I'm so sick of things being hidden behind affiliate links (you can't even hover to see where it's from, important for those of us abroad who can't necessarily shop at all the same shops) that if a blogger does it I probably won't read their posts again. It's just not cool.

    I'm catching up after a while away from internet land and it's been nice to be away, have some headspace, you know. Big decisions will do that to you.


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